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If you are looking for a brief list of families and links into a more in depth view of a families personalized histories, you can add your own family to this page. However, we strongly urge you to respect the following rules:

  • Follow the pre-defined structure
  • Do not under any circumstances remove or change entries except for your own
  • No bragging, name-calling or mud-slinging. On your family page, you can say whatever you want to say. On this index list, keep it clean.
  • Judge yourself as far as which section you fit in. Sure you can put yourself higher then you deserve, but your reputation will only suffer worse for it once people find out.
  • Make sure your family page is called "ABC Family", i.e. starts with the actual family name, even if for beauty reasons you want the link to be called "Clan ABC" or "House XYZ".
  • Below are examples of how to show your desired family name, regardless of naming conventions;
[[Example Family|House Example]]
[[Example Family|Clan Example]] etc...

Also check out the alphabetically sorted list. To have your own family added there, simply add [[Category: Families]] to the bottom of your family page.

Additionally there is a companion page explicitly for displaying ones family to what the family is most proud of, or tidbits they are known for. Those interested should visit the Family Notoriety page.

Royal Families

For anyone of royal blood, those who have held a rulership or several for considerable time and with widespread recognition of royality. Alphabetical order

High Noble Families

For those families who have become well-known and famous (or infamous). Heroic families or those with considerable influence "behind the curtains", or simply those who are widely known belong here.

Renowned Families

Families with a limited, but well established reputation. Those famous on only one island, or well known in a small number of realms. Those who have a few barons or a duke or two in their midst, but are not of royal blood.

Lesser and Unsorted Families

Families of lesser or unsorted reputation have been given their own page so as to not mix the higher with the lesser.