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Dolohov Family
Fame 40
Wealth 20992
Home Region (none)
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The Dolohov family as it is today results from the actions of the Talerium Hero, Ivan Dolohov, and (to a lesser extent) his brother Vasily, an explorer and merchant. Originally a merchant house out of Mattlu, Ivan built a manor house in the desert stronghold of Chocxal, and gathered the extended family there. He kept a close eye on the cousins, and selected young Alexei for the family's representative in the South-East. Alexei made good on that assignment, and eventually became Dictator of Sandalak. Rasputin was chosen to go to Beluaterra, but (in a scandal the family has still not forgotten) he went instead to South-West Island, perhaps hoping to fight and kill Alexei. Only later, after Ivan's death, did he repent and take on this mission.

Ivan's death left the family in the hands of Kepler Dolohov, one of the youngest of the clan, but perhaps the wisest and most able. Although Alexei and Rasputin initially resented him, they have at last acknowledged him as Ivan's heir, and thus the patriarch of the family. With Alexei's death and with Rasputin too far to interfere, Kepler has absolute control over the family and its treasury. It is unclear whether or where he will dispatch any of the next generation of cousins.

Recent News

Alexei Dolohov, Baron of Kazan, former Prime Minister of Ikalak, Dictator of Sandalak, General of Sandalak, Duke of Ikalak, Duke of Sandalak, Duke of Toren Stronghold, has died in victory on the field of Tabost. Alexei is remembered with fondness and loathing by thousands, and remains the only person in history to hold three of the four South Island Duchies. (Possibly the only person to ever rule multiple South Island realms?) He will be honored, if not missed.

In a large ceremony, your family commemorates the dead Alexei, a legend known all over the world. For days, the family graveyard swarms with his friends and admirers. Artists compose songs and poems about him, and young maidens cry in their chambers.

Older News

The three cousins each received a mysterious letter from Vasily Dolohov, requesting their help -- he claimed he was being held captive by a rebellious crew in his ship off the coast of a previously undiscovered island in the far west. They each set off (Alexei even escaping a battlefield hospital to do so) and have not yet been heard from.

The cousins have returned! They look worried, worn, and Alexei's missing an arm. They've been tight-lipped about their experiences abroad, and don't seem to like each other any more than they did before they left. Perhaps they could be persuaded to share what happened...


On the isle of Dwilight, a shipwrecked nobleman by the name of Andrew has been representing himself as a member of House Dolohov. While the family in Chocxal has no record of him, Andrew is a traditional family name -- it is entirely possible that he is from a distant branch of the family, long-removed. Andrew has taken up the flag of Madina, where he shipwrecked. Upon his arrival, he traveled to the mainland, and after defending the people of Libba against undead, he was made mayor in the sprawling farming area of Salanch.


Rasputin's financial and planning abilities were prized by the family more than his abilities in battle, and so they planned to send him to Beluaterra. Infuriated by this perceived slight, Rasputin took the gold and went instead to the other South Island, looking to prove himself in battle. Rebelling against his more successful cousin, he joined Ikalak there, and spent his time plotting the downfall of the south. As a member of the elite Religious Order, Rasputin gained notoreity among the peasantry of Sandalak, who take to arms when they see his banner. His reputation as the Butcher of Dwamon made him stop and think. When his cousin Ivan died, Rasputin repented his earlier disobedience, and jumped at the opportunity to represent his family's interests in Beluaterra.

In Beluaterra, he quickly made a name for himself in Riombara, and rose to prominence as the Marquis of Rueffilo, a rich townsland region in the south. He came to love the slow pace of life, and when the undead rose, he devoted himself to defending what he had against them. He trained and commanded a unit of archers through many battle, honing them into a fighting force even finer than any he had commanded on the South West Island. When it was destroyed in Ajitmon, Rasputin went without bodyguards to organize repairs and personally command his region even while monsters roamed its streets. He helped finance the construction of the first Guild in Beluaterra, Sungard.

Rasputin's labors were recognized by his kinsmen, and he was elected Grand Justiciar -- the highest Judge in the land. In that capacity, he has worked tirelessly to keep the peace in his ravaged country. However, long days holding court and tending regions occupied by undead hordes, far away from the safety of the Riombaran Army, has made him a little weird.

As Warder of the Candles in Sungard, Rasputin is responsible for the Candlebearers, the Aspirants of this growing and respected guild. He gave up the office of Grand Justiciar when he went abroad, and on his return was elected Count of Melegra, and had been busy settling into the role of country squire, when his fellow troop leaders took pity on the people of Melegra, and made Rasputin the Grand Justiciar again. (Just when he was getting through to them on the subject of "morning constitutionals" too!)

Rasputin has become increasingly hidebound and stodgy in his advanced age. Between frowning at the dueling "fad" and getting increasingly frustrated with these new-fangled religions floating about, it seemed only a matter of time before some young upstart challenged him for his post as judge, but he gave it up willingly to retire.

Retirement disagreed with him, however, and he returned to Riombara to find it much-changed in his absence. Riombara had been rent asunder by rebels in Irombro, but had annexed the city of Grehk. The Steward of Grehk, Gorch (later Duke), greatly impressed Rasputin so that he offered his service as a knight of Grehk rather than pursue the Judge position once more. He later rose to become Marquis of Mio Dupaki, a townsland bordering Grehk.

Rasputin, it is rumored, is the inheritor of the Silver Sabre of Daemonslaying that slew the Great Dragon.


"Looks like this will be a fair fight. I hate fair fights."

Kepler was Vasily's son by a Gypsy mother. He came to Chocxal as a boy, and his fire and spirit so impressed the Dolohov family that they recognised him as one of them. He served as Ivan's squire until the hero's death in Abington.

After a period of mourning, he rounded up some of his Gypsy cousins and joined the Knights of Mapaxal as a unit of cavalry. He had learned well from Ivan the lessons of chivalry, and from his cousins Alexei and Rasputin the lessons of war and governance. He was admitted to the Talerium council at a young age, served as Lieutenant of the Talerium Army, and eventually was made Duke of Chocxal and Marshal of its mighty Army.

As Duke, he matured considerably. He still is keen for battle, but his desires are tempered by a newfound respect for patience and diplomacy. Even so, his anger for Darka, the traitors to the north, knows no bounds. During the war on Darka, a government shift opened up the position of General, which Kepler accepted, even though it meant losing his position as Duke. The Talerium command tent now flies the (mended) banner Ivan carried at Matakonis. The Dolohov family is not at all happy about this turn of events -- they had hoped to continue using Kepler's position for economic gain (as well as his influence over zoning laws to their own advantage in feuds with the neighbors)

As Minister of Defense of Talerium, Kepler's sole concern was the defeat of Darka. It drove his plans and his actions. He is right at home in the deserts of Talerium, and the realm's famed war camels proved crucial to victory at the Battle of Quetli, where thousands of men died. In preparation for this battle, Talerium armed itself well, and for a single day was the strongest realm on Atamara.

Upon his return from abroad, he found the war with Darka nearly over. When Captain's election as Prime Minister opened up the Duchy of Chocxal, Kepler regained his former post -- to the delight of his family. Kepler has vowed to reign in the worst of their excesses, however; at the very least, they will not be able to have anyone killed.

Peace with Darka was extremely difficult for him to accept, but he quickly found a new calling -- he discovered dueling as a means of working out his aggression, and founded the Atamara Dueling Association. He even decided to invite Darkan nobles to join, and found them eager and able duelists.

Kepler retired as Duke for some months to focus on his declining martial skills. During this time, he traveled to Matakonis and successfully retrieved the remains of Ivan Dolohov, bringing them to the family crypt in Chocxal. After this, he took a keener interest in realm affairs and was recently elected Duke of Mapaxal.

Kepler has maintained martial discipline throughout his life. In his later years, he has however developed a weakness for good cigars, and is occasionally known to offer uninvited advice.

Rumors surrounding Keplerstan and Keplermas are greatly exaggerated.


House Dolohov also remembers its fallen patriarch:

Ivan founded the modern Dolohov Family. It had previously been a petty noble family, chiefly merchants and soldiers, but Ivan saw great potential there, given only an opportunity and a role model. Ivan emerged as a hero early in his career, and earned great respect through devoted service to his desert realm, Talerium, his liege, Duke Kossoff of Mapaxal, and his ruler, Ciro Iskander. The family manor in Chocxal is where Alexei, Rasputin, and Kepler grew up at Ivan's knee, though only Kepler stayed on to serve as Ivan's squire. Ivan learned much about the art of warfare in the seiges of Foda, Skalk, and Sullenport. He saw the deaths of realms, the crumbling of alliances, and the rise of Talerium. He died a hero's death at the Battle of Matakonis, alongside Steel, another of Talerium's heroes. Ivan fought Abington for all his days, including at the mighty battle of Aja, and he died gloriously on the fields of Matakonis, far to the south, so that it took some days for the terrible news to reach the rest of his family in Chocxal.


"It is better to be feared than loved."

Alexei sailed to the South-East Island, and started his career as a quiet police officer in Sandalak. He became known as a lawman and a skilled bureaucrat and entered politics as Sandalak's banker. When the Bank of Sandalak was destroyed by divine decree, Alexei stayed near the reins of power, being elevated to the Dictatorship by popular assent. There he ruled carefully and wisely through his Council, until losing power after being captured by Ikalak. Brutalized and left frail by the assault on his person, he left governance to others, content to command the Knights of Triewa.

During the Interregnum, as the Dolohov family calls it, Sandalak went astray -- it made peace with Ikalak and attacked Taselak. Under the reign of Ilsgerd the Reformer, he was selected for a special mission -- Cross the central mountains and conquer the Toren Stronghold. This he did, and in gratitude, he was named Duke of the Toren Stronghold. When Toren Stronghold fell to Ikalaki treachery, he was made Duke of Sandalak.

Upon the capture of Argus the Great, Alexei seized the throne, and made war upon Ikalak once more. He pledged truce with Taselak in order to destroy Ikalak.

Unfortunately, Kietrem seems to disagree with Alexei -- every time he fights there, he's captured. This happened again most recently. Since then, he has commanded the tribe known as the Golden Griffins in the fight against Ikalak. He was at the battle of Abykal, and participated in the taking of Unagae and Aboal. It warms his heart to see the realm he forged doing so well, and he considers it the finest compliment that the government he remade does not need him at the helm in order to prosper.

During his time away from SEI, Alexei's wound at the battle of Abykal festered, and he lost his left arm. Since that time he has had to relearn how to swordfight and fight on horseback.

Alexei participated in the siege of Ikalak, bringing siege weaponry and a host of fine infantry. When the inner sanctum finally fell, Alexei was named Duke of Ikalak as a reward for his long service. The people of Ikalak fear and hate him, but he rules firmly, if in absentia -- the war against Taselak has claimed most of his time lately. Alexei was not normally bloodthirsty, but facing an incompetent foe has brought out the worst in him. Not content to simply defeat them, Alexei has been one of the most vocal advocates of eradicating the Taselaki entirely.

The family worried about rehabilitating him should Sandalak conquer the south-east island, but they needn't have worried. Without war to drive them on, the four capitals of SEI drifted away from central control, and Alexei found himself elected Prime Minister of Ikalak. He acted quickly to fill vacant lordships as regions flocked to the Ikalak banner, and cemented his position as ruler. Captain again of a strong and worthy ship, he looked forward to conquest, but after masterly arranging a treaty that resulted in the destruction of Sandalak for Ikalak's gain alone, he became bored and stepped down in order to travel. Upon his return, he found Ikalak gloriously successful, knocking on the doors of Taselak City and ready to rule the island again.

However, his contentment to let another rule proved the downfall of his beloved realm. The ruler turned on Toren, leaving Taselak free reign to attack and snubbing the powerful Duke of Sandalak. This Duke finally had enough and joined Taselak -- taking hundreds of troop leaders and dozens of regions with him. Alexei was not angered by the betrayal so much as saddened to see Taselak benefit from Ikalak's civil war. Rather than choose sides, he boarded the first ship off the island, which turned out to be headed for the Eastern Continent.

Alexei met his end on the field of Tabost at the age of 46, fighting on the side of Old Rancagua against Fontan. The battle ended in victory for Old Rancagua. After his death, Rasputin spread rumors that Alexei died in an alley after drinking heavily.


Lastly, the Dolohov family has skeletons in its closet:


Vasily himself is world-famous in some circles, even more so than his younger brother Ivan. He never fought or aligned himself with a realm, and so appears nowhere in the history books. Instead, he went from public house to public house, island to island, trading mysterious valuables and sacred relics (some would say fakes) and (infamously) sowing his wild oats.

Most recently, he has been exploring the western ocean, searching for a lost land full of treasure. He seems to have run afoul of his crew, however, and wrote to Kepler, Alexei, and Rasputin in order to effect his release. Shortly after that, he appeared on Beluaterra and (trapped in Riombara by Daimons) adventured for a while.

Vasily appears to have met his end on a hangman's rope; after agreeing to have an important artifact repaired, he was captured by Daimons, who relieved him of it. Afterward, he retold the story in such a way that rumors sprang up that he intentionally traded it for his freedom. Although acquitted of that crime by Rasputin, he was banished from Riombara because of the aggressive tone he took when addressing his noble inquisitors. Vasily took this ban very personally, and challenged Rasputin to a duel. He was arrested by Duke Gorch in Grehk, and Rasputin was forced under Riombara law to have Vasily executed. The family has since cut off communication with Rasputin over the incident.

However, rumors again have sprung up that one of the prisoners escaped on an exploring ship. It is unclear that this person was Vasily, but he has escaped in this manner before.


Tudor is the unrecognised illegitimate son of Vasily with a Norland woman. Where his half-brother Kepler was vibrant, strong, and forthright, Tudor was shy, intelligent, and crafty. He deeply resented his brother's status, and when Kepler helped plan an attack against Norland, Tudor stole 100 gold from a family cousin and hired a unit of Norland mixed infantry in the hopes of meeting Kepler in combat -- and killing him.

He never got the opportunity. He faced his brother's army in battle only once, but was wounded by a stray arrow. After the battle, when Talerium's army retreated, he found himself disreputed, in debt, and his injury had left him walking with a limp. He had no choice but to return underground, to seek out a new opportunity to exact his revenge.