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Food Production
Prime Minister Aldarion
Finance Minister
Grand Justiciar
Dead Angel WG

Strong, Proud and Fierce!

The great desert sweeps from the mountains of Darka to the rolling verdant hills of the Cagilan Empire, it stretches from the dales of Eston to the western ocean. The desert is a hard unyielding place and it breeds a hard unyielding people. The fierce desert tribes of Talerium arose from this mighty desert and conquered the high central mountains and the fertile coastal regions for themselves in the first long war. Since then, Talerium has grown from a collection of allied and warlike desert tribes into a nation of law and order. From the North the Darkan culture arrived and soon the warriors of Talerium learned how to forge iron weapons and build mighty fortresses, from the South the Cagilan Empire's influence was quickly felt and Talerium's proud desert tribes formed their own senate and the Republic Of Talerium was formed.

The Republic Of Talerium has a long memory, and though its people have evolved from the desert tribesmen they were, some things about them have not changed. Their outlook on life itself, although now cultured and civilized, remains unchanged. They are a proud, honourable people, fierce in battle and loyal to their allies.



The Talerium Code

  • Thou shalt not spy for another realm, doing so will result in deportation or execution.
  • Thou shalt not waste Talerium's resources - if you are inactive for long periods thou shalt pause your character and in doing so help the Gold Distribution.
  • Thou shalt respect all decisions that are made by the council of the republic. You may discuss them but disobedience/defiance of the council will result in a ban if the error is grave enough.
  • Thou shalt not practice black magic (multi-cheating). This is an abomination in the eyes of God Tom and punishable by immediate execution.
  • Thou art encouraged to take an active part of the great realm of Talerium... we foster the growth of characters in our great realm.
  • Thou shalt respect the chain of command...
  • The Council of the Republic -> Battle Group Leaders ->
  • Thou shalt respect the mighty allies of Talerium. We are the shield of our allies, and they are our shield.
  • Thou shalt not put thine troops on a MURDEROUS setting. This will result in a ban.
  • Abuse of Power. This is a grave offense and the Council shall judge the abuser severely... no man or woman is the law by himself. All men are equal in the eyes of God Tom and the Laws of Talerium ... and no man, or woman is above the law.
  • Thou shalt not include parts of the bulletins in thy messages. They can be revealed through torture.

The Méliane Doctrine

(governs the actions of Infiltrators)

  • No infiltrator shall attack any region in Talerium unless given specific orders from the council to do so.
  • Infiltrators may not train in friendly or allied lands. (It's a GM rule anyway.)
  • Any assassination attempt on a member of the realm, ally, friendly realm, or otherwise not an enemy, will receive harsh punishment issued from the council.
  • The Judge of the realm sustains the right to torture any infiltrator captured, enemy or not, in order to discover the motives behind the attack and any future ones.

All laws are passed and all sentences are debated upon by the Council of the Republic before any action is taken. This is the will of the Lord God Tom.

In special cases, the council shall have the power to increase the salary of the four ruling positions from zero to a specified setting. These changes must be ratified every thirty days or they will be set back to zero. A vote may be called at any time, but still must be ratified at the next 30 day interval.

Prisoner agreements


Prisoner Treaty between Darka and Talerium (4 January 2010)

Nobles in General

  • Nobles who have been captured on the battlefield will be held for no more than 3 days then released unharmed and with all their gold. Gold may be seized from a prisoner if and only if looting by their nation occurs and if the looting went against the Nation which captured the noble.
  • Nobles arrested in peacetime are held to the laws of the jailing nation.
  • Banishment, execution and torture may be used only on infiltrators, and former infiltrators previously banned for infiltrator actions by the jailing nation.

Suggested Prisoner agreements


Prisoner Treaty between Darka and Talerium (date of signature)

Nobles in General

  • Nobles who have been captured on the battlefield will be held for no more than 3 days then released unharmed and with all their gold. Gold may be seized from a prisoner if and only if looting by their nation occurs and if the looting went against the Nation which captured the noble.
  • Nobles arrested in peacetime are held to the laws of the jailing nation.
  • Banishment, execution and torture may be used only on infiltrators, and former infiltrators previously banned for infiltrator actions by the jailing nation.


Pre-Talerium, The Great Family's account

The farthest back we know of is Ptazaal the Hunter. His tribe, called the "Iptl", raided from Ptaphoc, to Maycxal, to Maapan and Axzaloc. His son, Axzaal the Eternal, founded a small village in Axzaloc. From here, raids were easier to preform. They learned how to build dikes to keep sand back and started farming the rough soil. He stepped down after Ptazaal died and let his son, Axdaph, become chief. Axdaph's reign was relatively peaceful; but losing both Pta to the Lakspar, vassals of the Taleri, and Zaal to the Daminga eventually prompted his removal. His son, Ansto-ib the Listener returned with The Word and became village shaman. His son, Xanio the Communicator, became shaman and formed a confederation of tribes that spanned Maycxal, Ptaphoc and Axzaloc. At this time, they warred with the Taleri and Daminga. Xanio's son Torsaan the Fighter overthrew the chief and established himself. During his reign, the made great strides in strength, making great enemies with the Taleri. Unfortunately, during Karib the Fallen's reign as chief, the confederation fell apart, most joining the Taleri. Reduced to the one village, he was forced to pledge fealty to the new realm of Talerium.

Note that this account of Talerium's pre-history is hotly disputed. Members of Mapaxilism consider it a bald lie intended only to promote the religion known as The Word.

Founding of the Kingdom of Talerium

Our first King, whose name has been lost with the passage of time, did distinguish himself through heavyhandedness internally and abroad. We did not establish any allies, but quite a few enemies. The result was predictable: We were not able to expand fast enough and then were attacked by the Cagilan Empire. (Tan)

War Against Cagilan Empire

The attack of the Cagilan Empire was well prepared. They overran our disorganized forces (fighting a loosing war while having a ruler nobody trusts anymore is a bad idea...) and took nearly all our regions - if I recall correctly they took Metemec and everything up to the line of Xotaxa and Mattlu next to our capital. Seeing that we were on our last legs and not wanting to destroy us -- combined with us throwing out our king and handing Captain the crown -- CE did make peace, and even handed some of the conquered regions back (I think). Captain did stay King and later Prime Minister for close to a year if I recall correctly. Since the end of the war between CE and Talerium not a single fight between our realms did happen and the alliance that grew out of this first long-ago war is one of Talerium's strongest. Eventually we bought several regions from CE, including Metemec, Ixcan and Lowdale. (Tan)

War Against North Darka

At the beginning Darka was divided into North Darka and South Darka, where SD was quite a bit weaker than ND. North Darka picked a fight with its southern brother, we (plus Eston and others) came to SD's help. Eventually ND was destroyed. This might be a lesson regarding the power of diplomacy... (Tan)

Refounding as a Republic

Rumor has it that Talerium's capital was moved from Mapaxal to Chocxal around this time.

War between Eston and Falasan

During these times Falasan was - together with the Cagilan Empire - the most powerful realm of the continent, acting as power broker - not unfairly as I remember. Falasan did control all regions and cities around the great lake, but did not extend as far South as they do today. They and the Cagilan Empire joined in an arranged war which did last long but was inconclusive. Later Falasan and Eston went at each others' throats, the cause I can't remember. North Darka and Talerium came to Eston's help and during a long and exhausting war Falasan was gradually pushed back. Tan's Brother was general during these times and he remembers extremely bloody fights in Nazamroth and Anost as well as several battles in the mountains southeast of the great lake. After Eston took the cities of Barad Lacirith and Barad Riel, peace was made. Since then Falasan was never again able to regain the power they once had and Eston was made into the power they now are. (Tan)

Around this time Tan's Brother was chosen as general.

War in the East

Once the war between Eston and Falasan was over, we sought new ways to hone our skills. During this time one of the incarnations of Tuchanon (I think it was Tuchanon III), centered around the fortress city of Tucha did - once again - incure the enmity of many realms. We marched east to help storm the fortress-city, and storm it we did. Four times. Again and again militia was recruited in the city, forcing us to nicely leave it, arrange our forces outside the walls and storm the impressive ramparts once more. Call it a first hand experience in how devilishly difficult it is to take level 5 walls. The fourth battle, after several failed takeover attempts by our allies and after a good part of their forces had left, Tuchanons defenders were able to beat us off. It was an impressive show of what a determined people can achive against overwhelming odds. (Tan)

Around this time Ciro Iskander did become judge - and grew to be one of the best judges Talerium ever had. Always impartial, he followed the path of honour.

War in the South

As the Cagilan Empire was embroiled in a bitter battle against Lamar (covering roughly the area of todays Carelia), RedSpan and Abington then, we did offer our aid. Our army was extensively reorganised into battlegroups (including a dedicated scouting group) centered around our cities and prepared for long distance campaigns.

First Campaign

All of our warriors marched east through Eaglin while our enemies stood deep in Cagilan's territory with their eyes set on destroying the youg realm of Tara. Battles raged in Ansalle, Avrende and Andurus. The massive enemy army was defeated, driven back and thrown out of our allies land. Tara was safe again.

Second Campaign

After having returned and refitted, our army marched east a second time. Once more our allies and we did meet our enemies - this time in Chagasu and Jagla, again beating our enemies soundly and enabling our allies to take these regions.

Around this time Ciro became President

Third Campaign

Again returning to the battlefield, this time the fight did rage before the walls of Stargard, then capital of Redspan (?). We did help our allies take Byblack, Meldeen and Atblane. But now our successfull involvement in the East was to be cut short by two bitter and bloody civil wars... (Tan)

Around this time Illumination became general

First Civil War (the Zetcher incident)

Prince Zetcher, hitherto a respected noble of Talerium and Duke of Mapaxal suddenly had a brain fart and seceeded, creating the realm of West Talerium. In a brief but bloody war, the secession was defeated and Mapaxal re-integrated into the republic of Talerium. Scarlet, the sister of Prince Zetcher, then Judge of Talerium and Captains love first tried to stay impartial although her heart was torn between her love for Captain and her love for her brother. When the vast majority of Talerium's nobles did deem Zetcher's actions treason, she did lay down her office and left Talerium, swearing revenge.

Second Civil War (the Illumination incident)

Illumination, the General of Talerium and Duke of the Fortress city of Ptaphoc bided her time until the army was away in the south. Then, she seceeded her city and created the realm of Sertraline. With the help of the army of Minas Ithil and an inside job by an ex-Darkan noble, Sertraline was brought under control, but only after the noble Alardun had been executed by Illumination as an undercover agent. After this incident, Talerium instigated the practice of only allowing a single prominent position per noble, as Illumination's position as joint General and Duke made it easier for her to bring about her treasonous acts. (Thorbjørn)

Since I was general of Talerium before and during this time, I remember a few additional details: When Scarlet, the sister of Prince Zetcher did hear of Sertraline's secession she returned to Atamara. She was taken in by Illumination and shortly afterwards ousted and banned her. Illumination committed suicide shortly afterwards, to the applause of Talerium. Soon after Scarlet was ousted herself and after a little while Sertraline was stormed by Talerium's forces with the considerable help of Minas Ithil. Without Minas Ithil's forces we would not have been able to retake Ptaphoc by storm, only through starvation. (Tan)

The Death of Nzer

Drive-by killing.

After having finally resolved our civil wars, we did return to the east to aid our allies. During our absence, Redspan had capitulated, reforming under a new leadership now allied to us. Carelia was on its last legs and being decimated by the Cagilan Empire. Darka, Eston and Tara were advancing against Abington...those were heady times. It was even thought possible to reduce Abington somewhat... Our armies did gather in Sullenport and advanced southeast towards the bottleneck. Our scouting group did gather extremely important information, then battles did commence in Lurgrod and Matakonis. Matakonis was the turning point - we were finally defeated. Especially bitter was the death of our heroes Ivan and Steel. Earlier we lost the Hero Nzer, one of our oldest nobles. Where he made his final stand has sadly been forgotten... (Tan)

War against Ash Sea Islands

The looting of Ser'quea.

The Darkan Betrayal

This war between traditional allies in Talerium and Darka resulted from a rapid straining of relations along with a remarkable set of circumstances. Large sums of money were paid to the Darkan mercenaries in order to win their loyalty against Talerium. Although the fighting was fierce, once peace came, the borders were readjusted and neither side gained or lost territory. The war is known as the Darkan Betrayal, because prior to the attack it was considered inconceivable that the Darkans would assault their long-time friend and neighbor.

A New Beginning

War in the North


In the autumn 05 our ally Eston was attacked by Norland and the vikings of the Barony of Makar while their army was far in the south. Eston soon lost 4 regions to the assault: Fiddleford, Ashmoor, Elost and Moramroth. Talerium came to Estons aid and after many battles, Eston was able to regain Fiddleford and Ashmoor. Eston then asked Talerium to stay out of the fight - since Minas Ithil would else join BoM and NL against Eston.

Thus we did return to our lands, only to have MI declare war against Eston anyway in February 06.

The Second Campaign in the North

Though we did have different plans, we once again gathered our army and marched north. The Vikings had taken Ashmoor once more and their armies did stand in Fiddleford with 12000 CS, trying to take this region. They were soundly defeated in the Battle of Fiddleford by our combined army of 18.000 CS - but at the same time a force from Minas Ithil and Norland of 28000 CS did invade Amdor, trying to cut the city of Barad Riel and Amriel off. This did not come to pass because Minas Ithil had higher ambitions - they struck towards Hawthorne, the capital of Eston, storming and plundering it. While Minas did march west, Talerium had used the oportunity Fiddleforth had handed us to storm the Barony's Fortress of Sale. After plundering it, we marched south again to meet Estons newly recruited forces and together we hounded Minas Ithil towards the Battle of Dondor after they had retreated from Hawthorne. Now Norland and the Barony had positioned their new forces of 5000 CS each north of Fiddleforth. As final act of this campaign we once more hurried north and did surprise and crush the Barony when they moved towards the Battle of Fiddleford - while Norland did look on from Wispen.

Battle Log

Here be recorded an overview of our battles from February 1006 onwards.


Fierce creatures.