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Ptaphoc is a coastal fortess city, it's port being overlooked by large walls and towers. The important note about Ptaphoc is that it's culture is one of military dominance. The most elite infantry units in the Talerium army come from this city, and when the Estonites themselves proclaimed 'Egads, those boys from Talerium can fight!', I am confident they were watching the Ptaphocan legions roll mercilessly and disciplined over the viking flanks.

Ptaphoc has been ruled by ZogXIX of the Royal House of Zog for some time, and since the Setraline fiasco before his rule, Ptaphoc is proud to repay it's debt to Talerium by providing good soldiers.

No other regions belong to the Duchy of Ptaphoc, as the Darkans hold the territory north, and close by are the cities of Chocxal and Mapaxal.

-Recorded by Horace Malitia, Marshal of the army of Ptaphoc, in June 2006.