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Talerium's costal fortress city. Main Temple to "The Word" and Seat of Duke Gann.

In ancient times, the indigenous tribes of the desert were divided and fought bitterly among themselves. The strongest of these tribes (the legendary "Taleri") is believed to have resided in the region of Mapaxal. Unfortunately, much like the history of Talerium herself, the truth of their past is clouded by the mist of legend. What is known is that the old Kingdom of Talerium was founded with Mapaxal as their capital, and modern day Mapaxal's strong fortifications and grand palace reflect the splendor of those days.

Visitors arriving by land can see two large structures: the ancient palace with its high towers and hundreds of years of embellishments dominates the southern city and old quarter. Lights in the upper towers can be seen for miles in the clear desert air; bonfires on the tallest towers were used as signals to neighboring Maapan. Colored pennants hung from the windows are now used to signal important events and festivals.

To the north is the more recent temple of The Word: the tall white marble pyramid with a gold tip, its corners aligned precisely with the cardinal directions. The ornate gem-encrusted doors are guarded constantly. A nearby religious quarter has smaller chapels and shrines of other religions and the region's pagan roots.

Inside the walls are Mapaxal's extensive tournament grounds, its chaotic but richly provisioned marketplace, and the tombs of the ancient tribes (currently sealed to visitors to protect their rich store of artifacts, but can be visited by dispensation of the Duke). In peaceful times, sightseers and religious pilgrims from across Atamara brave the badlands and the oceans to visit this ancient and spectacular city. Their commerce drives the powerful economic engine that is modern Mapaxal.

The ducal palace overlooks the fortified harbor, which occupies a projection of land so that ships coming in to dock must pass under the shadow of the fortifications. The palace's impressive height comes from its position atop an even older acropolis. The old marbles were used by the Kings of Talerium to build their palace fortress; there are rumors of extensive catacombs beneath.

Having little arable land, Mapaxal's cuisine revolves around the ocean. Fish, shellfish, lobsters, and even octopi figure heavily in its heavily spiced dishes, together with dried sweet fruits, roasted goat, and very salty goat-milk cheeses. Fortified wines are favored over beer and whiskey.

The smell of pungent spices permeates the city, broken only by fresh ocean breezes. Still, travelers are advised to avoid the fisheries and tanneries unless they have strong stomachs indeed.

The citizens of Mapaxal are the embodiment of Talerium's founding ideals: Strength, pride and ferocity. Units of Mapaxal exceptionally well-trained special forces are renowned across Atamara, and have come to represent all the virtues of Mapaxal's proud people.

It is widely believed by most pagan faiths that only direct blood descendents of the 'Conquering Tribe' (known in some legends as the Taleri) ascend to the dukeship of Mapaxal.

Local Sights

  • The main temple of The Word dominates the religious quarter, as well as the skyline of the northern part of the city.
  • A small temple of Mapaxilism is tucked away in a private corner of the city.
  • The Dueling Museum is opened during every Mapaxal tournament, and can be opened on request by nobles visiting the city.


Mapaxal has a number of fine knights, and can support at least two more.