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The Kingdom of Darka
Royal Crest of Darka
Motto: Violence is always an option
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Basic Info
Largest City
Food Production
State Religion
24 (3rd)
~75 (4th)
~207,700 (4th)
~2700 bushels (3rd)
King Kostaja Kosunen
Law Father
Royal Treasurer
Misericordia Cancelot
Muunegan Baatarsaikhan
Grumbar Scarfit
Lasse Vasata
Grumbar Scarfist
Agarwaen Lomion
Yasha Blackwood
Sebastion O'Riley
Royal Army of Darka
Northern Guard
Herucalmo of Umbar
Muunegan Baatarsaikhan
Qaratai Borjigin

Darka, officially the Kingdom of Darka, is a realm in north-west Atamara. It is the second largest realm (in terms of region ownership) on the continent. It is bordered to the west and north by the Northern Sea, while neighbouring realms include Eston in the east and Talerium to the south. Darka was formed from the union of North Darka and South Darka after the events of the Darkan War. It is regarded as a land of mercenaries and proclaims itself as a mercantile realm, offering its military and political alliances for payment.


As a union of two of the founding realms of Atamara, the history of Darka is long. However due to the Darkan war, records are spotty and incomplete. Here are few of the tomes of knowledge residing in Saler's Royal Library. Undoubtedly as more chroniclers and historians emerge, so will more texts.

The Darkan War

Koradji's "The Darkan War"

The rebellion of North Darka (November 1002 - February 1003) against the Kingdom of Darka, eventually the realms were reunited back into a federated Darkan government which rules until this day. Author: Koradji of Omsk (contributions from, Valglin and Adam).

RedSpan Darkan War

Nirandor's "The RedSpan-Darkan War"

A historical account of the events which caused the RedSpan-Darkan War (November 2006 - today) with detailed analysis from different sources around Atamara. Also covers the major battles fought with illustrations. Author: Nirandor Jezralhm.


Murat's "An Account of the Royal Line of Kings"

Darka has had many rulers since it's foundations. This is a chronicle of the rulers of Darka with a brief account for their actions.


Darka is comprised of largely flat terrain. Many of Darka's regions are rural highlands, making up the core lands of the realm. However, some of the lands are hardscrabble badlands, mostly in the north-west, or to the far south, bordering the Great Desert. The remainder of the lands are woodlands, exclusively along the borders of Eston and Talerium. Notable local features are Mount Sinclair and Lake Itza. Mount Sinclair is a moderately large and currently dormant volcano. While the volcano is usually regarded as inactive, there have been eruptions in recent memory and life around it often proves to be 'interesting'. Lake Itza in the second and smallest of the freshwater seas of Atamara.


Darka is an absolute monarchy. While the aristocracy of Darka is entitled to discuss and protest the high council's decision, the government is totalitarian. The ruler is titled as the King or Queen of Darka and holds complete executive power. However the ruler usually delegates responsibilities to trusted Darkans. Military control is usually given to a General, who leads the Darkan military. The realm's financial matters are given to the Royal Treasurer, who is responsible for the upkeep of Darka's lands. Finally, legal affairs are granted to the Law Mother or Law Father, who is the judge of the land.


Looting is illegal unless directly ordered to do so by the General.
Dueling is legal but dueling while in the front line is illegal and dueling outside Darkan lands is illegal. However, a duel to the death is legal in all places, if your heart cannot prevent you from accepting or issuing one then neither can the law.
Fines and penalties range from warnings to execution. Constant failure in following orders will be penalized. Initially, you will be warned. Repeat offenses may cause you to be banished. Any action against what is included in the bulletins will be punished. Disrespecting superiors and insulting fellow comrades are considered acts of high treason and will result in you being thrown into the bottom of our Holy Volcano. Those nobles that take up the task of bureaucrats without permission may also be punished.
Darkanism is the official religion of Darka. Other religions cannot be established within Darka, will be regarded as illegal cults, and will be suppressed.
While not technically laws, Darka maintains several prisoner treaties with other Atamaran realms.


Darka's military is divided into two groupings, the defense armies and the foreign armies. The defensive armies are traditionally run by the Law Father/Law Mother of Darka and are responsible for maintenance of regions, mentoring green nobles, monitoring trade, defense of Darkan cities, killing rogues, training troops and saving money. The foreign armies are under direct control of their respective Marshals, and are responsible for all external military actions, including acting as mercenaries. Members of the foreign armies are encouraged to join the Darkan Mercenary Company.


  • Religion is strong within Darka. The principle religion of Darka is Darkanism, which revolves around three gods: Sigrid, Darka and Lodril. Together these three gods create the needed elements for the "Holy Volcano", Mnt. Sinclair.
  • Darka is home to the Volcanic Hot Newsletter. This is the press of Darka. Founded in the final month of 2006, this newspaper used to premier in Atamara as one of the most active and reliable sources. It has fallen somewhat silent as of late.
  • The folklore often extends itself to entertain with music. This is the The Darkan Songbook and published herein are some of the greatest melodies and lyrics written by the Darkan population.
  • Darka is known for much of it's unique produce. These Darkan products include Seven Up (7-up), Momma Unicorn's Chocolate Chip Cookies and the Northern Light Lager.
  • Darka is known for its mercenary work. Darka is known for its skillful and professional army and leadership. Many realms have hired the Darkan army to bolster their ranks and, many times, the Darkans have been the weight that has tipped the scale to our clients benefit.

Families Of Darka

These are nobles who have once been noted for their presence for their contribution to the realm of Darka.

The present

Gorath Argaven *
Muunegan Baatarsaikhan *
Kostaja Kosunen Cosula *
Severn Da Hadez
Scarlet Greenleaf
Kende Indirik *
Keung Leung
Mr_Jones Perkele *
Maeve Scallywag *
Amaarent Vasata *
* = IRC enabled

Ones Passed On

Fiur Arrakis
Yasha Blackwood
Flowin Blue Star
Fabtinus De Brynjorff
Denning Cheung
Herumor Corsairs of Umbar
Wimpie Dacara
Lavigna Galadeon
Angadialas Greenleaf
Giovanni Menocchio
Kayne Himoura
GhostDragon Kwong
Valglin Kurdaitcha
Vicious Lancaster
son of Patrick Leroy
Whiteknight Orden
Murat Orim
Si Ju Jarugi Petterson
Hernando Pizarro
Lord Of Death Slayer
Easy Steele
Jaret Jaron

Duchies and Regions of Darka
Duchy of Azzal

Azzal | Olzesa | Zin | Ixzal | Xutltec | Maycxal

Duchy of Bisquez

Bisquez | Alani | Winser | Mnt. Sinclair

Duchy of Massillion

Massillion | Malor | Tintar | Tolhuar

Duchy of Saler

Saler | Wistir | Rantire | Siebmar | Clintoc | Tertul

Duchy of Siver

Siver | Eurotan | Entire | Bitana