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Cheung is my real family name. I'm from Hongkong, and I'm 24 years old. I'm a barrister-at-law practising in Hong Kong and specialized in Criminal Law. I started playing BattleMaster when I was working my internship in Singapore, they just didn't get enough work for me to do that time and BattleMaster kept me from getting bored.

Please check out my player info here:

The Cheung family, originally from Maycxal (Atamara) has a fame of 29 and 2755 gold of family wealth.

Wealth of the Cheung family comes from Darkan Investment Phrase I, prize of tournament and teaching of aristocrats.

Family Fame:

5 Ruler - Elected as King in Old Grehk on 2004-04-12 1 General - Appointed by Mr_Jones as General in Darka on 2004-01-06 1 Judge - Elected as Judge in Perdan on 2003-10-30 2 Duke - Appointed by Yamajima as Duchess of Aix on 2003-12-13 1 Baron - Appointed by Mr_Jones as Baron of Winser 1 Family Wealth - Darkan Investment Phrase I 1 Investment - Darkan Investment Phrase I 1 Mentor - Writing a book 1 Palace - Constructed a magnificent palace in Old Grehk on 2004-05-12 6 Prestige - Got them all somehow, I guess. 1 No idea

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1. Denning

Denning is the first member of the Cheung Family that starts military career. He met Mr_Jones in the wilderness of Maycxal and got 'recruited' into Darka.

Denning has proved himself to be a fast learner, and he even managed to publish the NewPlayerGuide within 10 days after beginning his career. That piece of writing was at one time listed as recommended reading for all junior troop leaders by the God on wiki frontpage.

Denning has been appointed as leader of a battlegroup shortly after joining Darka. He vowed to make his battlegroup the most efficient one in Atamara. A few members of his battlegroup were actually his students before.

(06/Jan/04) Today Sardius, our High Marshal has stepped down because he doen't like the upcoming mission. Here's the Darka Staff discussion on appointment of New High Marshal:

Mr_Jones: Lord of Death - has indicated his unwillingness to fill this position. Mr_Jones: Valglin - is Arch Priest Mr_Jones: hmm Mr_Jones: i guess that leaves us... Denning: me =P Sardius: auch, we're doomed now.

Denning is currently the High Marshal of Darka, he vowed to provide the best mercenary service in Atamara.

2. Vagabond

Inspired by the adventure of his brother Denning in Darka, Vagabond starts his military career in Itorunt soon after Denning. It has turned out to be a misadventure though.

Very soon after his joining, Vagabond figured out Itrount is not properly ruled and had a big contrast with Darka which Denning always mentioned in his letter.

At that time, gold were horded by a few senior troop leaders only. Plus not all of those leaders are active. Average tax gold was twenty something only and the only order available is 'Everyone goes to X'. As a result, Fallangard looters were able to do much damage. Vagabond offered some reform measures, including changes of tax system, yet all such were turned down.

Later on, Itorunt's ally Ibladesh started to starve because of Ubent's attack. Itorunt, being Ibaldesh's ally and one major food producer, failed to arrange food selling because the King decides to go for a vacation. Vagabond then started a peaceful protest and got over ten TLs support on it. Such a bona fide attempt to reform the realm was declared as rebellion by the King, and Vagabond is being accused of being 'multi' and 'power hungry newbie' who wants to be King. (Note: Vagabond got only 4 prestige that time and can never be King, plus there is no rebellion being planned or started at all)

The result is that Vagabond got banished from Itorunt, and food never got to Ibladesh in time which contributed to her surrender.

After this, Vagabond contacted Boeth, Dictator of Ubent and expressed his intention to join. After reading the proposed reform measures for Itorunt, Boeth decided that Vagabond has proven himself to be a good TL, and is allowed to join. Later on, Vagabond became a shortlisted Candidate for leader of Special Unit Battlegroup. A Factual Scenario question was given by Quill, General of Ubent to all candidates. Vagabond answered this good enough and become a leader of a Special Unit Battlegroup.

Vagabond proved himself to be able to put his military plan into practice, and has led his battlegroup on several looting runs into Coimbra land. Lootings often goes on for more than a week and they can always avoid being caught by Coimbra troops. It is funny that Vagabond's unit was finally defeated by angry peasants in Evora stirred up by his arrival (note: arrival, not looting), not by Coimbra regular army.

(29/Dec/03) After serving in Ubent for 151 days, Vagabond received letter from friends in the New World, asking desperately for help against Undeads and Monsters. Vagabond answered and emmigrated to the New World to join Old Grehk.

Right now Vagabond is working closely with his friends in Old Grehk to prepare for the coming Undeads invasion.

Some time after surviving the undeads/monsters invasion, there is a election held in OG and Vagabond is elected King there.

3. Lorraine

Lorraine is the youngest sister of the Cheung Family, who began his career in Perdan shortly after her brothers started their adventure.

Lorraine was added into the battlegroup against Norther Alliance, and has performed active scoutings and lootings of NA land. She's one of the most active TL within the battlegroup and has participated in many surprise attacks.

Lorraine has also participated once in a major tournament, and only be beaten by Fritz, a veteran on battlefield only in the semi final round of swordfighting.

At the end of 2003, there had been a political crisis in Perdan ( for detail, see PerdanCrisis ), Lorraine was one of the many Perdanites who had the courage to speak out truth and opposed to the King's idea. Later on election took place. Yamajima was elected as the new King and Lorraine was elected as the new Arch Priestess of Perdan.

After that, Lorraine left the frontlines and devoted most of her time on region maintenance. Lorraine is now the leader of a battlegroup that is set up for region maintenance. It is consisted of very active and skillful TLs who are willing to sacrifice the fun, honour and prestige of fighting in frontlines for the betterment of Perdan. Together they work to finance our war against NA's aggression.

Other pages of this user:

NewPlayerGuide This piece of writting is done by me about 10 days after I joined BM. I've been bugging Mr_Jones and others the whole time on how to play this game. It made me determined to sum up all tips I've got for new player and get it done. This experience together with the fact that Vagabond got a poor mentor inspired all members of the HouseCheung to become mentors and guide junior Troop Leaders.

RegionMaintenance4Dummy Read it if you are a Dummy but interested in (or forced to work on) Region Maintenance.

If you want to contact me, if you have any question, or you noticed a mistake: I'm often on irc #Battlemaster ( My nick is Denning.

Cancelot taught me how to create family page on wiki. My page is based on his family template with his consent. HouseLeroy