Darkan Mercenary Company

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The Darkan Mercenary Company



The Darkan Mercenary Company was created to provide better and more cost-effective services for our clients. We are in the business of killing and BUSINESS IS GOOD. If you think you need a professional military service, and our interested in purchasing our forces, you should contact the sitting monarch of ours, or visit one of our guild halls.

Guildhouse Locations

Azzal Hall

Realm: Darka
Region: Azzal
Built By: Melkor
Date Built: ?
Steward: Melkor


Saler Hall

Realm: Darka
Region: Saler
Built By: Denning
Date Built: ?
Steward: Denning


Foda Hall

Realm: Tara
Region: Foda
Built By: Solton
Date Built: ?
Steward: Solton


Ansalle Hall

Realm: Cagilan Empire
Region: Ansalle
Built By: Vengence
Date Built: ?
Steward: Vengence


Siver Hall

Realm: Darka
Region: Siver
Built By: Amaarent
Date Built: ?
Steward: Amaarent


Anost Hall

Realm: Eston
Region: Anost
Built By: Torik
Date Built: ?
Steward: Torik


Important Members

Kostaja Kosunen: King of Darka and Administrator of the DMC
Amaarent: Duchess of Siver, Arch Priestess Queen and Royal Treasurer of Darka and Administrator of the DMC
Mr_Jones: Duke of Saler and Administrator of the DMC
Lavigna: Law Mother of Darka and Administrator of the DMC

Ones Passed On

Melkor: Duke of Azzal and Founder of the DMC
Winters: Duke of Saler and Administrator of the DMC
Easy: Royal Treasurer of Darka, High Priest of Darkanism and Administrator of the DMC


  • Every noble troop leader of Darka is encouraged to join the DMC
  • Nobles hailing from other realms are permitted to join the guild, but they will not be promoted past the rank of aspirant unless they are a V.I.P Ambassador or they are a lord and plan on building a new guildhouse.


Why should we pay when my realm has an army of its own?

  • For one, frankly we are the best at what we do. By working with the DMC, your realm has access to the most disciplined, well-oiled, military machine in all of Atamara. By working with us, you not only get our army, but you also get to learn from the best in the business.
  • You also get some of the best AND trustworthy infiltrators in the world (Note: Their names will remain a secret for their own protection).
  • Some of the best horseman work for the DMC. Having good cavalry on your side can mean the difference between vistory and defeat in battle. Contract with us, and tip the scales in your favor.
  • More of our specializations can be found here

Why should my realm build a guildhall for the DMC?

Even though the Darkan army is not working for your realm at the moment, that does not mean that we won't be working for you in the future. A guild hall nearby means you can make offers easily and, if we accept your offer, your payments can be made with relative ease and without a bunch of middle men.

How much do your services cost?

We offer a large and well-trained army to fight for you, whatever the cause might be. As such, our prices are rather high and many cannot afford us. That said, we have no set price but instead we field offers and choose the best one for us. When our current contract expires, contact the sitting monarch or other administrators in the company. All offers will be given a fair consideration. See this page for some more details. Some of the information is from an ancient age and may be a little out of date, but the ruler stands by it.