Argaven Family

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The Argaven family originally consisted of three nobles and a young but fierce girl who had decided to walk her own paths.


Gorath is a Knight of Darka, and the Duke of Azzal, the capital of Darka. He is known of his iron nerves, and while he definitely knows how to handle the sword, he also likes to enjoy the services of his castle and his city. That's why he has lately been seen more handling papers than traveling to the great battles.


Ragnar is a Knight of Tara, and the Duke of Foda. While recently holding the title of Count of Tandsu, Foda used to be under his command also when it was the capital of Tara. Ragnar has witnessed the birth of Tara and seen its different phases and how it has become the realm it is now.


Rathe is a Knight of Thalmarkin, Duke of Nuzanki, the former capital of Thalmarkin, and the High Marshal of Thalmarkin. He originally started his career in Barony of Makar, but as Barony of Makar was a very barbaric and war-frenzy realm, he decided to sail to the continent of Beluaterra and was given a warm welcome in the realm of Ashborn. Since then, he has seen a lot of action and diplomatic coups. He witnessed the splitting of Old Ashborn to Sint and Ashborn, and was best known as the Duke of Keffa (the capital of Ashborn), Marshal of the Ashborn army, and eventually, the General of Ashborn. Rathe Argaven was the last king of Ashborn, and he has decided to devote the rest of his life to unite the scattered nobles of late Ashborn and found the realm again. After the fall of Ashborn, Rathe emigrated to Old Grehk with few of his closest friends. At first, he was sure that he had made the right decision, but soon enough, he realized that Old Grehk had become a corrupted realm led by a bunch of selfish, too young nobles. So, on went he with his travels, next destination being the realm of Thalmarkin. In Thalmarkin, Rathe finally found his home and inner peace. After commanding one of the two homeguard armies of Thalmarkin, he finally made his way to the title of High Marshal.


Time was only 20 years old adventurer, and the youngest of the Argaven family. His brothers hardly recognized her as part of the family, since she had decided not to lead the life of a noble, but instead be a mere commoner. Time was constantly on move, and before her death, he was last seen in Beluaterra, on lands of Old Grehk. She was very fanatic and fierce, and she had already seen a lot of marvellous things and adventures despite her young age. Her life ended too early, after the Daimons had captured her.