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The Barony of Makar was a realm situated in the extreme, frozen north of Atamara where the scent of meads, ales, and blood were often on the air and drunken songs on the subjects of violence, women, and gold were often heard in the frigid wind. The Barony of Makar was inhabited entirely by Vikings, a few madmen, and a decent batch of badgers, yetis, and other assorted creatures. The Barony had a long and rich history of conflict and comradery. Each and every Vikings had, in their blood, a never ending desire for looting, pillaging, burning, and related activities. From birth to death (and perhaps even once they are in Valhalla) a Viking had an unsatiable thirst for gold.

  • The Barony of Makar was once a member of the Northern Federation, along with Norland and Eston.
  • Icegate was the capital, with Makar and Sale as the most important cities.
  • The Barony of Makar was a tyranny, and the vikings liked it just fine that way.
  • The Barony of Makar was home to the warrior guild, The Warriors of Valhalla, and the religion of the Warriors of Valhalla, Hörgr of Makar. The Warriors dedicated themselves to living life in battle and many hoped to die in battle to secure their place in Valhalla.

Major Cities

Past Battles

An unofficial dueling ladder, set up by Golrug Gellander, can be found here.


Da lovely Mudder Sordnaz, Holy Mudder a His Royal Tyrannical Majesty