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Kingdom of Eston
Eston Schild 3 small.jpg
Shield of Eston
Stars and Spears
King Blade Murequa
Royal Marshal
Royal Justiciar
Royal Treasurer
Stannis Verlox
Ianish Tanver
Margret Simpson
Largest City
Government Type
Food Production
Barad Lacirith
Barad Lacirith
Barad Lacirith,(1)
946 bushels

The Kingdom of Eston is an old, traditional monarchy with a rich history, a righteous and honorable aristocracy, and a very active group of nobles. Eston was one of the founding realms on Atamara and it has many knowledge that being passed on the next generation.

The Government and Feudal Hierarchy of Eston

The Kingdom of Eston is a traditional Monarchy with power devolving downwards from the King or Queen of Eston. The Dukes of Eston swear fealty to the Crown, the Lords swear fealty to their Dukes, and the Knights swear fealty to their Lords. The Nobles of the realm elect the King for life and the Royal Marshal, Royal Treasurer, and Royal Justiciar are all appointments of the Crown of Eston.

The Geography of Eston and the Royal Claims of the Kingdom

Map of Eston

The Kingdom of Eston traditionally occupies the flat steppe lands north of the Silver Lake in northern Atamara. The Royal Capital lies in Barad Lacirith, the Jewel of the Silver Lake.

While the borders of Eston have changed throughout its long and storied history, as of June 1012 the current Royal Claims of the Kingdom of Eston, as issued by the Kerwin Perth, the King of Eston, are as follows:

Whereas the Crown of Eston retains rightful Feudal claim to all powers and ownership in Eston, from henceforth let it be known that the King or Queen of Eston holds rightful and honorable ownership, claim and sovereignty over the following regions:
*Anost, Ashmoor,
*Barad Lacirith, Barad Riel, Belegrond,
*Hawthorne, Hernepoole,
*Melias, Meneriel, Moramroth,
*Nazamroth, Nazia,
*Saradic, Slantrax

-The Duchies of Eston

Diplomacy of Eston

The Kingdom of Eston has had ever evolving diplomatic relations with the other realms of Atamara throughout its history. A limited record of historical and/or current treaties is kept here:

-Treaties Archive

Office of the Royal Justiciar

The Royal Justiciar is the King's Justice in Eston. They enforce all laws and exact all punishments within the realm as per the Kingdom's laws.

-Regarding Religions within Eston

-The Laws of the Kingdom

-A Record of Court Proceedings


The History of the Kingdom of Eston is both long and storied. Here lies the limited records kept regarding different periods in the history of the Kingdom:

-Rulers of Eston

-Ancient History

-The Viking Wars


-The Falasan Campaign

Other Miscellaneous Records