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The Democracy of North Darka
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Crest of North Darka
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Basic Info
Largest City
Avg pop/region
14 (5th)
~106,000 (8th)
~7,570 (11th)
1st Chancellor
2nd Chancellor
Adam Pup

History of North Darka: Memoirs of an old man

The author took part in the Darkan Civil War as a young troopleader among the ranks of royalists, and has since fought enough many battles of all kinds upon these lands to consider them his blood relative.

A land divided

The Darkan Civil War is said to be the result of a rebellion. The royalist forces controlled the six southernmost Darka regions with Azzal as their capital. The democrat forces residing in North Darka had the rest of the cake: Fourteen northernmost regions and Saler as the capital.

Initial numbers and foreign support

North Darka was initially much stronger: It had a third more population and 2.3 times the region count of South Darka. They received monetary support from Hasland and Falasan. And the two behemoths of the time also provided a military intervention cast upon Eston, after Eston had managed to take over a couple of eastern regions of ND. As a result, the Eston forces were limited by their peace treaty with Falasan and Hasland to keep off of ND lands until the very final siege. As a cherry on top, Barony of Icegate raided South Darka twice during the war.

The big difference

But what North Darka lacked and South Darka had in plenty was strong leadership (three of the first South Darkan king's lieutenants went on to become kings of Darka itself in the future, reigning for 4½ years total), flourishing communication and high rate of maneuverability. Eventually Chancellor Ozzy_Ozbourne was abdicated and more talkative Adam was elected in his place. But by then the tables had already turned and SD had gained the momentum.

Talerium joins the fray

After having sponsored other of the BoI raids on SD to no effect on the war, also Talerium decided to join up against the suffering North Darka. They contributed mostly by looting the isolated western parts, and ultimately taking part in the siege of Saler.

Diplomacy and miracles

After the change of rulers on both sides, diplomacy talks were ongoing for long, to no eventual effect. Adam constantly refused the requests of peaceful North Darkan surrender and post-war scenarios of unification (where Adam and the North Darkans would have had a city and a battlegroup to command) Valglin sent. Once ND was reduced to the immediate surroundings of Saler city, they started running out of troops to recruit. By divine favour they miraculously received more recruitment centers, but they did little other good than delay the inevitable.

Beginning of the end

Once there was nothing but Saler left, the combined armies of rallied in the surroundings and prepared for the grand finale and rallied in the surroundings. Hasland and Falasan rulers gave in and withdrew their economical and diplomatic support to North Darka, and gave Eston a permission to enter ND soil.

Destiny of Saler and aftermath

South Darka thanked their steadfast eastern allies by letting them do the honors. So after the take over was finished, it was the banners of Eston that were hoisted above the city. The once proud heart of the democracy became the northwestern ducal seat for the Kingdom of Eston, providing them men and resources that they badly needed in the coming payback wars with Hasland and Falasan. Once those wars were over, another eight months had passed. Barony of Icegate and Hasland had vanished from the map, half of the Falasan lands were now with Eston and the surrender of Falasan had been accepted by the now-allied three victors of North Darkan war. As a token of their gratitude, Eston returned the rest of Darkan soil, plus Tertul, to South Darka. South Darka reformed into Darka and became the mercenaries they're still known for as of today. With the exact same borders, four and a half years later.

What happened to the North Darkan crew?

Adam himself joined South Darka and continued his habit of smoking way too much 7-up, never again gaining as good an offer as Valglin had made during the peace talks. He eventually vanished from the spotlight, retiring back to a simple life and wasn't heard of since, living on only in Darkan children's stories. Most of his cronies scattered across the continent. And to this day, nobody around these lands have heard Ozzy_Ozbourne talking.

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City of Saler

Wistir | Rantire | Siebmar | Clintoc

Stronghold of Bisquez

Alani | Winser | Mnt. Sinclair

City of Siver

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