Cosula Family

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Cosula Family
Fame 40
Wealth 6620
Home Region Ammando
Home World Dwilight

Cosula Brothers

Long time ago on Eastern Continent at realm of Perdan. There was 3 young men, Kostaja Kosunen, Urpo and Julma Jaune(Died in a duel). After JJ's death Piru Petteri was "promoted" as noble and started his career at Perdan.

2 of the brothers heard news about new continent found. Hastily they jumped on the ship and travelled on this continent later called Atamara. Kostja Kosunen went to realm called South Darka and Urpo went to Cagilan Empire. Julma Jaune stayed at East Continent and fought hard on Perdan Army.

Kostaja Kosunen

Kostaja Kosunen is tough skinned warrior. On the great war against North Darka he was on the frontlines until North Darka surrendered and Darka was united again. Kostaja Kosunen has served on all council positions on Darka and been count/baron and duke as well. When he became general of Darka, rumours started that KK had "slight" drinking problem. Luckily those times were peacful times. KK just hosted huge parties on city of Saler. Luckily he was smart enough and stepped down when rumours told that Darka was hired for action. Then KK got back on "sober road" and fought on front lines few months. But when he was appointed as Duke of Saler, this Sin City dragged him on road of drinking again. There was wild rumours how KK kept huge parties at Saler.

Probably alcohol would have his grave, unless news that Murat Orim was going to step down from his position as King of Darka. KK thought "It would be good to be king!" and ran for the position. But things weren't that easy, there was some mess on the royal office and they didn't accepted KK as king candidate since his brother already had council position at Tara. Valglin was elected as ruler, but rumours Valglins condition werent good. And people started to prepare for another elections, so did KK. He asked from his brother to step down from Judges position. Urpo thinked about it few days and accepted. He was ready to go back to front lines anyway. And when Valglin was removed from kings position and new elections took a place, KK was elected as King of Darka.

KK doesn't drink as much he used to drink anymore, but still time to time when he travels he might have a feast with his men and drink barrel or 2 good beer or wine. KK ain't so royal looking fellow, he looks more like soldier on kings cloths, and he isn't very good with royal etiquette.


So, what Urpo did while his brother were at Darka?. Urpo was at Cagilan Empire and when Cagilan Empire growth larger and larger, Jamuga decided to create new realm on Tarasac. Tara was born, so Urpo followed with many other CE tl's. Urpo was one of the most trusted soldier at Tara. He had several council positions and were ruler few months. Urpo has seen Taras born, glory and downfall. Now Tara is getting on back on her feets again.

Urpo is one of the oldest Tarans. He ain't too happy about all things what happens in Tara, but he will do as Tyrant says. Urpo misses good old days, Hangman, Jamuga, MaxPitkämiekka and many other old veterans are gone. Only few of the oldies left and ofcourse Ottar who has royal blood on his veins. He is the one who Urpo hopes someday to lead Tara again.

Julma Jaune

Now, what happened Julma Jaune, the youngest and some say the most hotheaded of these 3 brothers. He fought on Perdan, until he heard another continent has been found. He jumped on the ship and travelled on this new world, later called Beluaterra. He landed on realm called Helonon. Those were wild times, wars were started easily and there was plenty fighting. Suddenly evil forces started to raise, Helonon had hard times, it had pissed off all her neighbours and undeads and monsters were on her regions too. Many nobles left from Helonon, there was only few nobles left and ArAgyr had taken almost all land from Helonon. Helonon ruler went underground and there was no orders what to do. No general, no plans, no news. So Julma Jaune and 2 of the other active nobles of Helonon started to rebellion to save what was left on Helonon. Suddenly ruler came back and he kicked out the rebels.

Julma Jaune was on hard position, he was surrounded by ArAgyr army and those few units of Helonon. Julma Jaune tried to go through ArAgyr to join other realm, but several battles were fought and even won by JJ. But there was no way out. JJ negotiated with AA general and he decided to join AA. Shortly after that Helonon was destroyed. Undeads and monsters came and sweeped through Beluaterra almost destroying every realm. ArAgyr survived. Later JJ was holding several positions at AA and there was long political duel between Raptor and JJ. Raptor had strong support as prime minister, but JJ got closer every month. Raptor got wounded and JJ was elected as ruler. Shortly after that Raptor disappeared. Anyway, AA was at bad situation. It had several enemies and only few allies. War with Fronen had expanded to war with half of the continent. Long time Melhed and ArAgyr fought against huge armies of Enweil/Fronen/AshBorn/Riombra/Mesh/MdP/. ArAgyr did well, but it was only matter of time that our spine will broke. Then Melhed had to surrender to Fronen and her allies. That increased pressure against ArAgyr and there was few attemps to end war with Fronen, but Fronens demands were too far away from reality to being accepted. Then undeads and monsters came, hastily realms started to sign CF contracts and pull their armies to home... except Enweil, which had huge army on ArAgyr lands. ArAgyr had huge army of Enweil who looted their regions and same time on the coast monsters and undeads were rampaging. ArAgyr fell fast. It had no time to save any gold or food. Its army was slaughtered and there was no gold to build new army. Once one of the biggest realm were shattered to ashes in few months and when Unger finally had to surrender to rogue hordes TL's of ArAgyr were looking new home. It wasnt easy, AA had plenty enemies and only few allies, many realms promised room for few TL's. They were afraid to become overpopulated and taxshares would collapse. News from Old Grehk warmed JJ's heart. They promised to take all who need home. Many exAA TL's joined to OG.

From very beginning JJ was looking back to north, he wanted back to home. But beluaterra was at very bad shape, and it would take ages to being able to clean that north from those monsters and undeads. But time passed and Old Grehk with support of Melhed and Riombra started Colony at Nunzaki. First king of Thalmarkin was Lemon Tree, but only few weeks later he stepped down... and Julma Jaune was king of these northern lands again. Times are rough up there and it will take long time that Thalmarkin will be strong enough to even think about going war.

Julma Jaune died 14.02-07 at duel against some Enweiler duke. Few days before his death he saw the light and he was told by the gods that he is actually god and will have eternal life.

--- Seko Sepi, is son of Urpo. He went to Beluaterra and were fighting against Daimons with his cousin Outo Olavi. After invasion ended, Seko Sepi stayed at Thalmarkin, later Thalmarkin waged war with Melhed. After Melhed surrender SS went to Perdan EC. There was great war and Perdan beated all the odds and won the war. SS then heard that his brother had reformed Ar Agyr and thought time to get back to BT again.

Outo Olavi is sone of Piru Petteri, He is fighting daimons at Beluaterra. Being Duke of Vore. After Daimons were slain things started to get heaten up between Melhed and Thalmarkin. Melhed got rolled over by Thalmarkin and preparations to create colony at Agyr started. OO, as son of Piru Petteri and grandson of Julma Jaune had strong claim over Agyr. Thus he was appointed as Duke and after short rebuild phase, Agyr seceded as Ar Agyr. Not so long after that, Ar Agyr informed that Enweil must die. Enweil was at war with Rio, and Enweil was the realm which destroyed Ar Agyr with monsters and undeads. Ar Agyr is small realm, time will tell how hot headed OO will keep this midget realm alive.

Hullu Hullu is son of PP, he was deported to Foda Atamara when earlier invasion happened and PP wanted his family to be safe. HH isnt the most nice fellow in the town... ...-

So, here was story of Cosula Brothers, all of them are quite old. Urpo and JJ are heros and they might die at any day.... All this is based on characters views, so there might be some errors and please inform me if so.