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OOC Note: This island is a testing island (as is Beluaterra), so expect to see bugs as new features are tested and improved.

Dwilight (a.k.a. West Continent) is the first complete BattleMaster world map created by the player community. It is also the first (and currently only) Serious Medieval Atmosphere game world.


A short summary of important events in Dwilight's history that significantly affected a major realm or the continent. Neutrality is generally strove for. In time, older summaries are archived, and only the more current accounts are kept on this page.

Current events
Tensions between Wicrose and Westgard have led to war.

  • Luria Nova has emerged as a victor in the war against D'Hara, nearly pushing it out of its birthplace. For now, the Nebel island is split between the two realms.
  • D'Hara has increased its grip on the eastern coast of the Occidens and even recolonized Golden Farrow. An attempt to find safe farm lands on Toprak proved Luria Nova a greater threat than the monsters in the west.
  • Tol Goldora is expanding into ancient Morek lands.
  • The alliance of Avenor and Westgard have increased their hold on the Upper Occidens.
  • Swordfell has expanded into the Divide Mountains and around the Unterlands. It is also in a federation with Luria Nova.

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Active Religions Lost Religions

Geographic Subdivisions

Geographic Features of Dwilight


Regional Drinking Habits

Formal Cultures of Dwilight

Bankers and Traders


Dwilight is an ancient land full of guilds created by nobles to better serve their needs. Here lies a list of the most prominent active ones.

Older Guilds...

Unique Items

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