The Golden Reavers

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Blessed by sea, salt, and the strength of their sword arms, the Golden Reavers storm across tempestuous seas in valiant pursuit of glory, greatness, and gold. The raiders who feast in the greathalls and longhouses of the Reavers are as savagely fearsome as they are brutally proficient in combat. Many fight for gold and material wealth; some lust for the violent rush of ecstasy found only in visceral warfare; but all seek glory and prestige upon the field of battle.


The Gylden Folkmoot

Veteran and highly-regarded warriors of the Golden Reavers sit upon the Gylden Folkmoot, which meets when necessary to deliberate upon guild matters and, more importantly, determine where the next bounties and treasures shall be sought.

Golden Aesir
Seeking wisdom from the veteran reavers of the Gylden Folkmoot and omens from the natural world around them, the Golden Aesir is the most senior member of the guild and serves as the cardinal wind which thrusts the Reavers ever forwards.

The most veteran raiders, champions, and jarls of the Golden Reavers, the Arch-Reavers are highly respected warriors and champions who have performed great deeds in the name of both themselves and the guild. Only the greatest and most heroic of feats may result in the reaver being considered worthy for such a lofty title and the responsibilities that come with it. There can at any one point a maximum of three Arch-Reavers, each championing and representing the three main hallmarks of the Reavers: the Sea, the Sword, and the Axe.

Experienced reavers who have poured their hard-won plunder into the Greathalls of the Reavers. Jarls are well-established and widely regarded warriors who have earned the right to stand watch over the halls in their region and represent their longhouses or greathalls in the Gylden Folkmoot. When not partaking in the pursuit of glory in far-flung fields themselves, for the good of all of their sworn brethren these proud and distinguished warrior-folk spend time preparing and rewarding the Golden Reavers with plentiful feasting, skaldic storytellings, galvanising music, and copious amounts of mead both for the battles from which they have emerged victor and the battles they set out across the seas to win.

Golden Reavers

Huskarl Champion
The Huskarl Champion is exactly that, a Champion of the Golden Reavers. In pursuit of glory, greatness, and gold, these warriors have reached as close to perfection in the art of battle as any mortal could hope. Where their Berserker brethren are frenzied in battle, these proficient reavers are deliberate, fierce, and savagely systematic in battle; they are well-honed by dozens of violent battles and utterly devastating because of it. In becoming a Champion they will have performed great deeds that will resonate through the ages for eternity, skalds will sing songs and scribes pen stories for eons as their names echo throughout history. Typically when a Golden Reaver is bestowed this honour, one of the highest attainable, the Champion's great feats and prowess in their reaving will be deliberated by the Gylden Folkmoot and a well-suited hallmark, of the three held in high esteem by the Reavers, shall be bestowed upon them. With this symbol they shall carry with them the strength and power of the Sea, the Sword, or the Axe.

The most fearsome reaving warriors, witnessing a frenzied Berserker in the chaotic fury of battle is a sight that few wish to believe is possible and one that even fewer live to tell tales of. The first to see their boots hit the sand off our prized longships and the first to charge eagerly into combat, these enraged fighters tear their enemies limb from limb with riotous strength and conviction; only the most physically gifted and mentally stalwart of sword-masters withstand the onslaught of a Berserker of the Golden Reavers and leave with their body, let alone their life, intact.

An experienced Thegn of the Golden Reavers who has proven their prowess and valour in the carnage of battle. Huskarls take up critical positions on the longships and within the shieldwalls that enable the Reavers to raid successfully far and wide, offering guidance and wisdom to younger Thegns and Aspirant Reavers of the guild.

These bardic warriors exist for two things: the telling of tales and the glory of combat. Most of these warrior-skalds continue to reave, raid, and fight alongside their brethren, though they are often as focused on the composition of their next tale, poem, or song as the legend-worthy events happening around them. Accompanying great champions of the Reavers into combat, they fight by handaxe and chain-link in pursuit of epic stories and legends that will be heralded, sung, and told for decades to come.

Warrior-folk who have demonstrated aptitude in battle and have been granted the right to be honoured with the title of Golden Reaver. The Thegn is a respected fighter and able sailor; they are capable of braving the roughest of Dwilight’s seas and the firmest shield walls that weaker folk of the continent can muster, in triumphant pursuit of eternal prestige, before the gods and their renowned brethren, and the riches such glory brings.

Aspirants of Battle

Aspirant Reaver
Promising warrior-folk who have begun to step upon the path to glory, greatness, and gold. It is a path bathed in the blood of those who stand before the Golden Reavers and littered with the sacrifices of those who have failed in pursuit of such riches, material and immaterial alike. Only the strongest of body and halest of constitution shall meet victory in the trials that lay ahead.

Commonfolk of strong body and valorous mind who serve the Golden Reavers and, in turn, earn the right to enter Golden Halls of Heroes to feast and drink.

Greathalls of the Reavers

Greathall of the Jewel of the North

  • Founded: Nifelheim
  • Date: August 28, 2022
  • Founder: Felix Vulparan - Golden Aesir
  • Dedicated to: The Sea
  • Size: Greathall (3)

Longhouse of Nidhogg's Mark

  • Founded: Nidhogg's Mark
  • Date: September 17, 2022
  • Founder: Ainsley Bolton - Jarl
  • Dedicated to: TBC
  • Size: Longhouse (1)