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North Shore

Coat of Arms of Nifelheim: Griffon and the North Star, Embattled, over the Bloodstars. Motto of Nifelhiem: "Veneratio, Iunctum, Veritas" , meaning "Honour, Unity, Truth"
St. Belianzi's Cathedral in the snow.
Nifelheim in Summer, from the South.


Nifelheim is a city in the northeast corner of Dwilight. The regions around it are those of the frozen North, consisting of Spruce, Pine and Fir forests, inhabited by Bear, Elk, and Wolf. Nifelheim is a proud and independent city with a long and illustrious history. It is known as "The Jewel of the North" for its many architectural wonders and gay cosmapolitan culture.The city is a vast fortified citadel of spires, onion shaped domes, palaces, temples, and great public buildings. It is completely surrounded by the townsland region of Nifel, and is situated close to the Black River, allowing for easy trade with other realms. Across this wide stretch of water, one can clearly see the City of Muspelheim and its attendant townsland, the economic and so often political rival to Nifelheim in the north.

Nifelheim has a marketplace, making it a popular spot with traders, lords, and stewards from the surrounding regions.


Legend has it that Nifelheim was founded by the Giant Nifel and his wife Belianzi.This is told in The Tale of Two Brothers.

Whatever the truth of this founding tale, Antiquarians tell us that in Pre-historical times Nifelheim was definitely the site of a great kingdom occupying most of the Nifel Penninsula. Few facts are known about this kingdom. We know it only as the Nifel Kingdom, and its creation and destruction is a matter of conjecture.


In modern Dwilight, the Kingdom of Springdale spread west to take Nifel townsland and to the very gates of Nifelheim; but the city itself was never occupied.

The first modern occupation of the city was as the capital of the lost Kingdom of Summerdale, which was founded on February 21, 2009 (Winter of 5 YD), as a colony effort by the Raivan Empire. The realm of Virovene immediately declared war on the new colony. Summerdale prevailed and Virovene passed from history. Most of Virovene's lands were absorbed by Summerdale. It was during the Summerdale period that the city acquired its vast fortifications and modern institutions. Even with the passing of Summerdale, the natives of the city call themselves "Dalians".

Morek Empire

Around April 2012 (Winter of 18 YD), Summerdale declared war on the Libero Empire. In order to preserve their ally, the Morek Empire declared war on Summerdale. In the resulting war, Summerdale was wiped out. Some of its regions defected to nearby Astrum, while others were taken by Libero and Morek. Nifelheim passed into the hands of Morek in the Winter of 19 YD. Details on this war can be found in the article "Queen Charlotte's War" by Bowie Ironsides, Dean of History in the Dwilight University.

The Dukes of Morek have been careful to respect the Dalian culture inherited from Summerdale. To show this respect they have retained the Ducal Emblem and Motto of the city from Summerdale times. More than this, to commemorate the war between the Morek Empire, the Libero Empire and Summerdale, Lord Bowie Ironsides commissioned a monument known as the Dalian Arch. The Arch stands a hundred and sixty feet high and memorializes the defeat of Dalian imperialism.