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Founded in the Winter of 5 YD by Duke Sammael Haine of Springdale City, the university was built to encourage intellectual discussion and written expositions on various areas of knowledge. The University thrived to up to seventeen or more campuses but then declined drastically throughout its lifespan. By 22 YD, only the very first campus and the most recent stood. A resurgence began at the very end of the Autumn in order to reclaim the lost glory of academia, centered around Shinnen Purlieus and Luria Nova, with Seoras Madigan Nifelleisca, Aldrakar Renodin, and Jonsu Himoura amongst the prominent. Later, under the patronship of Emperor Aldrakar Renodin of Luria Nova, the University of Dwilight was founded in Shinnen Purlieus by Earl Staedtler la Stylo, after the Dwilight University had collapsed.


This list is in chronological order from oldest to youngest.

After the end of Autumn of 22 YD, the University experienced a revival. These are the current University campuses.

  • Springdale - Built by Duke Sammael Haine (Executor) in the winter of Year 5 (February 18, 2009).
  • Alley of Swords - Built by Dean Bowie Ironsides in the Autumn of 22 YD (March 13, 2013).
  • Demyansk - Built by Samos Mithridates (Student) in the Autumn of 22 YD (March 14, 2013).
  • Mech Derris - Built by Halleria Feylonis (Student) in the Autumn of 22 YD (March 14, 2013).
  • Ashrak - Built by Viscount Bowie Ironsides (Dean of History) in the summer of Year 9 (December 20, 2009). Rebuilt by Count Kenshin Blackwood in the Winter of 22 YD (March 25, 2013).
  • Nifelhold - Built by Royal Justiciar and Ambassador of Libero Empire and Duke Rohk Darksun (Student) in the autumn of Year 10 (April 1, 2010). Reconstructed by King Veles Sobczek in the Autumn of 23 YD (June 19, 2013).
  • Garuck Udor - Built by Lady Jonsu Himoura, Viscountess of Garuck Udor, Ambassador of Luria Nova, and Priestess of Sanguis Astroism in the Winter of 23 YD (June 11, 2013)
  • Shinnen Purlieus - Built by Seoras Madigan Nifelleisca, Duke of Sun Hall, Earl of Shinnen Purlieus in the Summer of 24 YD (July 22th, 2013).
  • Balance's Retreat - Built by Bowie Ironsides, Overseer of Swordfell, Royal of Swordfell, Duke of Sol, Viscount of Balance's Retreat in the Summer of 24 YD (July 25, 2013)
  • Aveston - Built by Aldrakar Renodin, Earl of Aveston in the Summer of 24 YD (July 26, 2013)
  • Maeotis - Built by Pierre von Genf, Count of Maeotis, Priest of Sanguis Astroism in the Summer of 24 YD (July 27, 2013)
  • Shokalom - Built by Kale Perth, Grand Prince of Phantaria, Royal of Phantaria, Duke of Phantaria, Margrave of Shokalom in the Summer of 24 YD (July 30, 2013)


To advance in the ranks, one must write essays. All essays will be recorded in our archives. One becomes a Student by paying the 25 gold tuition. Afterwards, they are promoted to Master by a Dean of their field of study.


Applicant: The rank one has before paying the 25 gold tuition to become a student.


Student: An ordinary member of the University.
Master: A senior student in a Department working under a Dean.


Executor: Vacant
Dean of Students: Jonsu Himoura
Dean of Military Studies: Vacant
Dean of History: Vacant
Dean of Political Studies:Vacant
Dean of Humanities: Vacant
Dean of Arts:
Dean of Theology:Vacant
Dean of Arcanum: Jonsu Himoura


There are various awards available for exemplary essays.

Student of Zyrrin: In honor of the former Duchess of Springdale, this award honors those who have written an essay of remarkable nature. This is handed out by the Dean of Students with recommendations by one of the other Deans.

Dhalgren Laureate Award: A memorial for Lady Ven Dhalgren, Dean of Arts, this award honours students who contribute exceptional works for the Department of Arts (such as poetry, painting, heraldry, fiction etc.) It is handed out by the Dean of Students with recommendation by one of the other Deans or by acclamation of the student corpus.

The Order of the Silver Flame: It is handed out by the Dean of Arcanum for exemplary works in the field of Arcanum.


Each department records staff, members, essays, awards, and discussions within it. The Dean of Students does not have his own section beyond this paragraph. The first acting Dean of Students was Sejieda Vita, but it was only a temporary position until Executor Sammael Haine could appoint a formal Dean of Students. Dean Pierre von Genf was appointed Dean of Students in 14 YD. Dean Pierre resigned and was replaced by the third temporary Dean of Students Dean Bowie Ironsides in 24 YD.

  • Military Studies - Strategy and tactics of warfare, analysis of battles and wars etc..
  • History - History of realms, religions, guilds, wars etc.
  • Political Studies - Diplomatic/international relations, political theory, comparative politics etc.
  • Humanities - Society analysis, cultural analysis etc.
  • Arts - Depictions of physical art, fictional writing.
  • Theology - Analysis of religion, god(s), spirituality etc.
  • Arcanum - Analysis of magic and its related subjects.


In 23 YD, members of the University decided to start newspapers associated with the Dwilight University and covering the significant events of Toprak and the Occidens. Two newspapers were agreed upon headed up by Dean Bowie Ironsides (Toprak Staff Editor) and Student Kale Perth (Occidens Staff Editor).


The dropbox for the students to submit their completed essays.