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The contents of this page are not readily available to everyone, either because it is sensitive or because it is rare or otherwise little known knowledge. It is here for the purpose of archiving or making it more accessible to a certain audience, and this should be kept in mind while reading the contents of this page and all it's subpages.
In short, the contents of this page are to be considered OOC knowledge, except for characters who who have paid the tuition to Dwilight University and become students or higher. This same restriction applies to all subpages..

The first and current dean is Pierre von Genf.


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  • Sallowsian Melting Salad - Bowie Ironsides
    • An analysis into the characteristics of the Sallowsian people.
  • The Anticipation is All - Bowie Ironsides
    • An analysis into the elements of a duel with an emphasis of the anticipation of combat.
  • Underground Lords of Unterstrom - Pierre von Genf
    • An analysis into the societal structure of Unterstrom and the difficulties in conquering the region.
  • Burial Practices of the Desert of Silhouettes - Bowie Ironsides
    • An analysis of the burial practices in the northeastern parts of the Desert of Silhouettes and their relation with the pagan religious folklore of Sallowsite Cape.
  • First Map of West Dwilight reported by Muris Vecchioratto Applicant, made by Milmice Vecchioratto.
    • A valuable geographical work from the early days of the colonization.