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The first Dean of Arts was Jar Weaver.

The second Dean of Arts was Muris Vecchio Ratto.

The third Dean of Arts was Ven Dhalgren, elected in the Summer of 19YD until her execution in the Winter of 20 YD.


There was a contest running from Winter of 9 YD (January 23, 2010) to Winter 10 YD (April 20th, 2010) for students to submit their work(s) for publication, the winner would become the Dean of the Arts Department. On the conclusion of the contest, Student Jar Weaver was promoted by his submission "Chapter One."


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The Illiterati

  • The seasonal journal for literature students of the Dwilight University.

The Black Book

A list of enemies of Beauty. Brutes that make our world an uglier place with their unrefined tastes.

  • Lady Allison Kabrinski, Grandmistress of Kabrinskia. For insulting the poetry of Dean Ven and regarding words as purely functional tools.


For those inspiring writers of the Dwilight University, we are offering you a space to publish your works. Submissions must follow the publication guidelines and be approved by the Dean of Literature.