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Great House Ironsides

Family History:

• Family Mansion in poor rural province of Dulbin, East Continent.

The Ironsides Family carries a proud and legendary history, but over time they diminished and became impoverished. On his deathbed, the last great Patriarch Ford the Elder left the crown to his eldest living son Jagur - a vulgar and immoral man. Jagur wantonly practiced polygamy across the East Continent and produced an uncounted amount of bastard children. He squandered the family wealth and left the blood thin and obscure. He died of typhoid. His brother Soren, a tamer gentler man, picked up the reins and began to order the mess his brother left the family. Soren never married and never had children. Instead, he alone worked the family land in Dulbin to regain the wealth and prestige of the noble family. By building a successful apiary, Soren was able to earn enough to provide for the family and raise some of Jagur’s children to become Knights. His siblings, such as Valdemar and Malena, did little to assist him and they lived minor lives around the family mansion in Dulbin or abroad in the East Continent, all surviving off of the honey Soren produced. He reached an advanced age before becoming one of the victims of a terrible plague that devastated the Ironsides Manor.

After Soren’s death, the best choice to become Patriarch of the Ironsides Family was Jagur’s son Armstrong, one of the Knights Soren raised to become a great and famous noble. One or two of the offspring of Ford the Elder fussed with this decision but acceded to Armstrong anyway. Their families, however, desire the Patriarch crown for their bloodline and not Jagur's. The family of Valdemar, a brother of Jagur and Soren, are known resistors to Armstrong's authority as Patriarch and Valdemar's son Magnus is an active opponent. Ford the Elder's oldest daughter Malena has started a noble line of her own.

After Armstrong's glorious death, the family went into a state of fracture, insecurity, and growing threat of violent conflict. The next oldest in line is Bowie the Black, but the family overwhelmingly rejects his claim as Patriarch, and thus, the position remains vacant until one Ironsides can unite them all...

The Offspring of Jagur

Saga of Armstrong †
Became the Patriarch of the Ironsides family after Soren died during a plague that struck the family mansion. He served Fontan for a decade as the Hero of Democracy, a Lord, a Marshal, and various other activities until one day he decided to return home to Dulbin. When he first emigrated to Westmoor he was a knight of Oligarch, and then served as the Count of Morshes for many years. After a great length of service and duty, he was appointed Duke of Oligarch on the 21st of April, 1013. He led the Westmoorian Column as Marshal and was appointed Banker and General for short periods of time. He was the Marshal of the Royal Guard and was dubbed "Defender of the Crown" by King Jor Tanos. He was a man of principles and unapologetic heroism. Armstrong married Lady Cerise in a small wedding in An Najaf before their departure from Fontan. Later, both she and their son Ford the Younger died by the same terrible disease which devastated the Ironsides Manor in Dulbin. Shortly after converting to the Church of Humanity, after his previous faith collapsed, Armstrong founded the Order of Sacred Battle to serve the Divines as an instrument of combat. In 1013, he forged a new Crown in Oligarch by founding the Monarchy of Fane. Later that same year, after defeat in the Fane War against Nivemus and Sirion, Armstrong, the Fallen King, was killed in single combat by Lord Malakai Wolf in the region of Salta. He was buried in the sacred cemetery of the Order of Sacred Battle in Morshes.
Children of Armstrong
Ford Young, †, son of Armstrong and Cerise, born in Oligarch, East Continent. He was raised by his legendary father until a plague killed him, his mother, his great uncle and many other members of the Ironsides family. An omen during his birth revealed that he was destined for greatness. When he was born, the moon was full when it should not have been. This was interpreted to mean that his life would brighten darkness in some way despite natural forces, however this never came to pass.

Saga of Bowie †
Known in the family as 'the Black', and publicly as the Demon of Dwilight. He was once a prominent Judge of the Grand Duchy of Fissoa. His duty as a knight earned him a tale telling of his brave unit’s final battle, known as the Legend of the Iron Toughs. He even began a family in Drowenton, a blooming life chronicled in Bowie and Arabell. Abandoning his wife, his child, his status and position, the man succumbed to avarice. Now he serves his lust for fortune, his lust for victory and most desired of all, his lust for power! A troubled villain of Dwilight. During the cursed life of the Demon Prince, he was given the revelations which heralded the conceptual religion Mysticism. As abruptly as his life began, he disappeared in the Autumn of 25 YD never to be seen again...
Children of Bowie
Avandor, son of Bowie and Arabell, was born in Drowenton, Dwilight. Having been raised without knowing his father, Avandor assumes his mother's story is true, that Bowie was killed in battle against monsters. He has grown into manhood and serves as a minor noble administrating the region of Drowenton.
Selena, daughter of Black Bowie and the harlot Melani, born in Port Raviel, Dwilight. She was adopted into the Stormrage Family on the day King Cenarious married Duchess Kisharianda. She was raised in the manner of the Onyxien's and served as an adept noble in her step-father's Kingly court until his assassination circa 22-23 YD. She married Lord Machiavel Chenier in the Summer of 23 YD, in Port Raviel, and the two were crowned Dragon King and Dragon Queen of D'Hara during the same ceremony.
Life of Winter †
Son of Prince Bowie and a young princess of Sallowtown. Born in Sallowtown after the Crusade, Winter was raised as Sallowsian royalty despite what the tribal chiefs said. When Winter reached seventeen years old, he claimed his birthright and demanded to be made a chief. The Sallowsian tribes refused and decided to deport him. They raided his home during the night, captured him, stuffed him in a sack, put him in a crate, and sent him away. They felt it was better to rid their city of this rising force than to have to deal with him later on. Arriving in Atamara, Winter vowed he would return to Dwilight to reclaim his city of Sallowtown. But first, he felt like fighting with the Vikings of Hammarsett. Winter was a wild man, fierce and strong. Though he grew up near his half-sister Selena, and the two knew of each other, they never met. He had a devil may care ambition and once he set his mind to something, no one could stop him. This quality, his mother says, he shares with his demon father. So much so in fact that he resigned from public life to spend the rest of his life with two ravishingly beautiful women. A few seasons later Lord Winter reemerged to public life.

Lord Winter, at the young age of thirty, was killed as a hero in the battle of Lothruin on the 1st of May, 1012.

Life of Vernal
A young man with a mysterious past and a promising future...

Life of Hades †
An Archon Major in the Way of the Warrior Saints religion, died of pneumonia in Rotherthorpe at the age of twenty-three. He was buried in a small local ceremony beside the temple. His wife Lady Cimiko and their children, Titus and Ariadne, moved to Leohampton to be with her family. The Death of Hades records the quiet funeral.
Children of Hades
Titus and Ariadne, twins of Hades and Cimiko, born in Rotherthorpe, Atamara. Ariadne, following the faith of her father, became a priestess to the Warrior Saints, while Titus decided to become a knight and join the army.

Life of Raphael †
Raised by his uncle Soren and his eldest sibling Armstrong along with the collection of Jagur's children in Dulbin, he decided to seek out his mother in the Far East and joined the realm of C'thonia. There, he was appointed the First Captain (Vice-Marshal) of the Hammer of Thor Army by King Thain Himoura and was given the duty to wield the mighty warhammer. He soon followed his desire to fight in the Fourth Invasion of Beluaterra and emigrated there to do so. By his youth, he was immature, sensitive, and disliked violence against humans. He was committed to defeating the inhumans and rescuing Beluaterra from the scourge (monsters, demons, Netherwold). He also believed that the mind was the source of nobility not the sword. He fancied himself a poet.

In a massive defense of the city of Fengen against monsters, Raphael the Master Poet, at the young age of twenty, was killed. His remains were never found in the ruined city.

The Offspring of Valdemar

Life of Magnus (retired)
Son of Valdemar and cousin to the Jagur offspring. Magnus actively opposes Armstrong as the Patriarch of the Ironsides Family. He desires to bring enough glory and prestige to his name to prove his family worthy of the Patriarch crown. After a short time spent in the city of Ibladesh, Magnus scoffed the fickle nature of the East Continent's nobility and retreated back to his estate in Dulbin. Heeding the call of Ramsus, Magnus returned to the field of Ibladesh only to find it utterly ruined. With the death of his realm and religion he decided to take up the call to defend humanity against the Daimons of the Fifth Invasion and migrated to Beluaterra. He declared himself a hero of Enweil and joined the fight. After the horrors blighted Enweil, Magnus took refuge in Riombara. Not too long after the end of the Invasion, Magnus decided to retire and go home to the East Continent and live a life of minor nobility.

Life of Ramsey †
Son of Valdemar, younger brother of Magnus, and cousin to the Jagur offspring. Ramsey is a warrior of Armonía and serves the Armonian Rangers as its Marshal.

The Offspring of Malena

Life of Taranis †
Son of Malena, cousin to the Jagur and Valdemar offsprings. Taranis is a warrior of Minas Leon and marches with the Legion of Minas Leon.

Life of Verona †
Daughter of Malena, cousin to the Jagur and Valdemar offsprings. Verona is a Dame of Outer Tilog

The Commoner Appendage

Adventures of Novgorod †
Son of Jagur and a commoner. His mother emigrated from the East Continent back to her family's farm in Hetland, Beluaterra after Jagur moved on. She died when Novgorod was twenty years old. He then left the farm and began a life of adventuring. He was the discoverer of the ancient unique item, the Old Armour of the Kings, which brought death on him. At the age of twenty-seven, Novgorod was executed by Sir Kayne II Himoura, Executioner of Netherworld, Duke of Fianik, Marshal of the Legion Of Chaos in the city of Fianik. Lord Kayne stole the Old Armour of the Kings after robbing and torturing the poor peasant and before feeding him to ravenous dogs.


The Ironsides Wall of Fame

FB Ruler.png
Ruler: 100th Day
FB Ruler.png
Ruler: 10th Day
FB Ruler.png
Ruler: 0th Day
FB Judge.png
FB General.png
(Bowie, Armstrong)
FB Banker.png
(Bowie, Armstrong)
FB Lord.png
(Armstrong, Bowie, Winter)
FB Duke.png
(Bowie, Armstrong)
Sum: 12 points

FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 10
FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 20
FB Wealth.png
Family Wealth: 2000
FB Wealth.png
Family Wealth: 5000
Sum: 6 points

FB Outcast.png
(Demon of Dwilight)
FB New Palace & Capital.png
New Palace & Capital
(Balance's Retreat)
FB Guild.png
New Guild
(Congress of Democracy)
FB Army Sponsor.png
Army Sponsor
{The Headbusters Gang, The Viper Legion of Aquilegia, the Knights of the Scorpion)
Unique Item
(Battered Jacket from the North)
Sum: 8 points

FB Death Duel.png
Death Duel Prevalence
(Slain Lord Verdun Alumaani)
FB Legendary Hero.png
Legendary Hero
FB Heroic Death.png
Heroic Death
Sum: 5 points

FB Skill.png
Exceptional Skill
(Hades' Oratory over 80%)
Sum: 1 points

FB Unknown.png
Sum: 3 points

Total: 35 points

* Fame Point Notes