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IC Bans

If the Judge of the realm decides that someone should be removed from the realm, they can choose to ban them. These are known as IC (In Character) bans. These types of bans are used for actions the character has taken.

Not all nobles can be subject to banishment. The following nobles cannot be banned:

  • Nobles of Royal rank.
  • Fellow council members. (Ruler, General, and Banker)
  • Nobles who are currently exiled. (You should have banned them when you had the chance!)

Once the judge speaks a ban, the troop leader has a few turns before it goes into effect. They should use this time to find a more hospitable realm. Once that time is up, if the troop leader is ever captured by the realm again, the judge can choose to deport or execute them.

For nobles of the realm not accused of a crime, there are two forms of banning:

  • Kick Out - When a noble is kicked out of a realm, they are removed from the realm in one day (~3 turns). Their bonds are revoked immediately, and most realm facilities are closed (repairs, recruiting centers, etc.). At the end of the three turns, they are declared rogue nobles.
  • Ask to leave - Asking a noble to leave allows the noble 3 days (~6 turns) to find a new home before they are removed from the realm.

The judge of a realm can also ban infiltrators who are caught committing sabotage in the realm. Leaders of failed rebellions will be automatically banned. Nobles caught trading in the black market are thrown in the dungeons, and may also be banned or, if caught by their own realm, deported.

I was just banned - some useful advice if "it" happens to you.