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When another realm captures you, you will be put in their prison, and a ransom in gold will be set. Every day that you are in prison, the ransom will decrease. While you are in prison you will not be able to conduct any of the normal actions. You will be restricted to only one letter per turn, and it is possible for the enemy judge to read your mail. A particularly dishonourable judge might steal all of your gold. You might even be tortured!

Ways to be Imprisoned

  • You could be captured in a battle.
  • You could be captured if you try and use any of the special abilities of the infiltrator.
  • You could be caught red-handed trying to purchase or sell food illegally via the black market.
  • If you attack a vastly superior force, your unit will be overwhelmed and you will be captured.
  • If you have no unit, or all your troops are wounded, you can be captured by enemy troops in the same region as yourself.

Things to do While in Prison

  • You can bribe the guards so you can read and write messages.
  • You can talk to other prisoners in the same dungeon.
  • You can write letters to the judge or ruler of the realm that imprisoned you
  • You can write letters to your own ruler, but they will likely be read by the enemy before they are delivered, so be careful what you write.

Ways to Get Out of Prison

  • You can pay your ransom.
  • A rich family can bail you out (i.e. pay the ransom from family gold, not from your personal gold).
  • Sometimes, you have a chance to escape. There are several reasons why this option shows up or doesn't show up, not all of them are fully known.
  • The enemy judge could set you free.
  • There is a random chance that you will escape each day.
  • After seven days, you will be set free automatically.
  • If you are a hero or infiltrator you may attempt to escape once each turn you're in prison. You need at least two hours to attempt this. If you fail then you lose all your hours, if you succeed, you only lose the two hours.
  • If a battle occurs in the capital of the realm holding you prisoner, you may escape in the confusion.

If you have previously been banned

If you were banned from the realm in which you are imprisoned, there are less pleasant ways to leave prison: