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Death of a character in BattleMaster is rare, but it can happen as a result of choices that character makes. Because it is so rare, deaths often provoke strong reactions. Realms remember their fallen comrades, and families may nurse grudges for a long time.


A character can choose to become a Hero. Heroes put themselves on the line in battle, and fight alongside their troops. This means, however, that a Hero can be killed in battle. What would cause a serious wound in other troop leaders will kill a Hero.

A heroic death can bring fame to a family, and inspire your realm to seek vengeance. The deaths of well-respected Heroes can result in an outpouring of condolences from all over the island, from friends and foes alike.


A character who is an Adventurer may die when defeated by an undead or monster Champion.


The Judge of a realm can do many nasty things to troop leaders who find themselves in that Judge's prison. If that poor troop leader happens to be banned from that realm, however, he or she may face the ultimate punishment: public execution. Infiltrators and rebel leaders are particularly vulnerable to being banned. Particularly dishonorable people such as rogues and known scoundrels may even be executed without even being banned.

Execution may also bring fame (or infamy) to a family. The execution of a hated traitor or feared assassin can be a cause for celebration in one realm, but become a rallying cry for revenge in another.


When duelists' differences are so severe that the insult cannot be remedied without the death of one of the participants, they may agree to specifically duel to the death. Ordinary duels will not result in the death of either participant. Note that not all duels to the death will result in the actual death of the defeated duelist. Sometimes, they may escape with a severe wound, but survive to tell the tale.