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A character can receive a wound in several ways, in battle, through a duel, or from an assassination attempt by an infiltrator. There are several stages and levels to a wounding, the initial wound, a healing phase, a return period, and a recovery period. Any type of wounding, except a light wound, can remove a character from a lordship or council position when initially received, and if healing takes a long period of time due to character inactivity.

Types of Wounds

Light Wound

The smallest of wounds, a light wound can be suffered, in a duel, or from infiltrator action. Depending on a character's age they often heal in short order, or worsen.

Normal Wound

Received in any of manners possible, a normal wound is capable of removing a character from an electable/appointable position of power within a realm. Characters with this wound have the 'Wounded' status.

Serious Wound

In battle a serious wound always follows a normal wound, thus you must be wounded twice in combat to become seriously wounded. If a character is a hero, instead of becoming seriously wounded they will die. However, assassination attempts by infiltrators will never kill a character, thus an infiltrator can seriously wound a Hero. Serious wounds can also be received in a duel to the death or to surrender. If received in a duel to the death there is in-game text stating that it would be dishonorable to kill a seriously wounded character.

Critical Wound

Achievable only by wounds worsening during the healing phase. In game text says that it is possible that your character may die, however at this time it is simply flavor text. Your character will take even longer to heal from this stage, often several days.

Effects of Wounding

Wounding effects range from the following:

  • Increased aging
  • Decreased hours received while recovering/healing
  • Limited access to information panel
  • Reduced access to messages, varying in reduction based upon wound severity
  • Absence from activity that may result in removal from a position of power

Healing & Recovery

Healing and recovery is dependent upon character age. The older a character is the longer healing and recovery will take, and the higher chance of a wound worsening. When a wound has healed completely a character will be able to access all messages that have been building up while they have been wounded as they enter the 'return' state, however they will not be able to perform many actions; most pertinently they are unable to rally their men and order the to travel. In two turns a character is put into the 'recovery' state where they will receive fewer hours per turn but are now able to issue orders to their units and move. The length of a recovery has text in game that says it depends on the age and severity of the wound being recovered from. However, this has not been explicitly tested in game.

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