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In the medieval world, nobody stood alone. Especially among nobles, family ties and lineage were of the utmost importance. Every player in BattleMaster represents one influential family. Players can have multiple characters, up to their character limit, but all of the same family. Noble characters share a common surname which will identify them as members of a particular house or claim. Adventurers do not have an advertised surname as no self respecting nobles would claim a peasant as kin.

Please remember: trying to circumvent this by registering for the game more than once is cheating and will be punished with the deletion of all accounts of the multi cheater.

Families accumulate fame, monetary wealth, and a reputation. Fame comes automatically when a character (or in some cases characters) of the family do something notable that brings renown to the family name. Wealth however is accumulated by characters sending money home to their family instead of spending it in-realm.

Fame and wealth in turn help newly created characters, who can start the game with more prestige and initial gold.

Family Gold

A new player starts out with a family that has 1,000 gold. They will initially have 50 gold, then receive another 75 gold after 3 days, and finally a further 55 gold after 7 days. This does deplete your family's wealth, but you should soon see it going back up gradually (for instance your family will make 60gold shortly after its last gift to you).

It is also useful to send gold to your family. Family gold can be used for:

Action Description Where found Gold Cost to family Restrictions
Family Support Your family sends your character some gold. Prestige/Honor penalty applies. Withdrawals have limits. Action page amount sent. 1200 family gold minimum.
Family Investment Your family invests in the production of the region you are currently in, increasing production. Action page Amount invested, cost depends on region. Hundreds. 2000 family gold minimum. Own realm only. May not work in depopulated regions.
Pledge Bail When you are in prison for several days, you will get the option to pledge family gold for freedom. Prison page Double the gold freedom price. You must be in prison.
Buy favors When traveling in a foreign realm, spend some gold in order to gain access to the repair/entertainment options as you would in your own realm. Note that if the foreign region does not have a functioning smithy or has no entertainment options(ie, a rural region), you gain nothing from using this option. Orders page 25 You must be in a foreign realm.
Fund rebels When your family home is in a foreign realm on the same continent as your current character, you will occasionally be presented with the option to fund the rebels in that region. Depending on the current control level of that region, you may be able to make it go rogue. Spending larger sums of money increases chance of your involvement being discovered, and if you are, you get an instant-ban in that realm. Actions page 200+, up to player. Option rarely appears.
Add to bounty Use your family money to place a bounty on another character's head. Actions page up to player You must be in a city to see the bounty board.