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What they are and when to use them

So you want to become ruler, but need to off the incumbent officeholder? Or perhaps you've been getting lippy with the judge, and would prefer someone less harsh? What about removing your enemy's mastermind general? Then again, maybe you simply hate somebody's guts. Whatever the reason, place a bounty on their head and perhaps an infiltrator will pay that person a visit, thus catapulting you into power.

Unlike bans and fines, bounties follow you when you immigrate. Think of it this way: a bounty cannot lie to you, but your enemies can. A bounty cannot stab you, enemies can. You know where your bounty stands, but do you know where your enemies stand? Do you know which realmmates are your enemies?

Placing a Bounty

You can view your island's current bounties on the Bounty Board, located in every city. From there you can also post one of your own.

  • A bounty has to be paid straight away - in gold, not bonds. The shady underworld types that keep track of bounties don't have any use for your government's banks.
  • The gold is unrecoverable, even if the bounty is never collected. It's already been spent on all those nifty posters you see in the post office.
  • The bounty is paid out to whomever kills or seriously wounds the target - either in battle or through infiltrator actions.
  • All bounties are fully anonymous.

Collecting Bounties

Bounties can be collected in the following manner:

  • Seriously wounding or killing a noble in combat
  • You assassinate the noble, seriously wounding him
  • Seriously wounding or killing a noble in a duel
  • Executing a noble as a judge

Need an infiltrator? Need to minimalize your risk of assassination?