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One thing this article doesn't cover is duels. I don't have much dueling experience at all, so someone else will have to fill that in. Will someone confirm or deny that bounties go to victors in a duel if they kill or SW an opponent with a bounty? --Murakama 15 January 2006 7:25

I brought it up on the bugtracker a week or so ago, as previously seriously wounding someone in a duel didn't give the victor the bounty, but since then Tom has fixed it so that it will. I haven't seen the working code in action yet, but I doubt there'd be any problems with it. --Roy 15 January 2006 15:07 (CET)

Duel (3 hours, 42 minutes ago)
Sir Kronos, King of Carelia meets his challenger Toefel (Knight of Foda) for the agreed duel till death.
Both participants are using the 'defensive' strategy, so that neither has an advantage.
The duel rages back and forth, then a serious of blows leaves both participants seriously wounded, both unconscious or near it, and unable to finish the duel.Since there was a bounty out on Kronos, Toefel gladly collects.

I Guess that settles it.