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Execution records

Why was the execution I mentioned a while back deleted? The page went back to saying two methods were never used in recorded history when they were done on Dwilight not long ago. I understand listing every execution could be a problem but if they say "this method has never been used" and someone decides to use it the page should change shouldn't it?


Actually, now that I've written that about duels, I'm not sure -- can heroes be killed in a duel where a regular character would receive a serious wound? --John 4 October 2005 23:23 (CEST)

Not at the moment, but they might once actual duelling to death is implemented. --Kristian 15 November 2005 16:26 (CET)

Execution & Death

I have a question about death. If you are executed and have, for example, 200 (+1500) gold with you, say from bounty you have just collected, what would happen to it? -- Ghostly

Hero Death

I got a question. An Infiltrator has the ability to wound or seriously wound a target. What would happen if that target was a hero? The reason i ask it is becasue a serious wound for a hero means death. For example a new hero, low skill is the trget for the best infiltrator in battle master, he manages to wound the target a normal TL will get a serious wound, what does the Hero get? Scott Sabin 5th Jan 06 17:45 GMT

I've never seen it happen, but I've always assumed that the Hero would die if he takes a serious wound from an assasin. I don't see any reason why he wouldn't die anyway... --Roy 5 January 2006 18:49 (CET)
Nope, infiltrators seriously wound Heros just like everyone else. AlexTurner 5 January 2006 18:51 (CET)
So only a serious wound in battle will kill a Hero? Doesn't that seem a bit...arbitrary? A serious wound is a serious wound, why would it matter where it took place? It might be worth adding this distinction to the wiki manual section about hero's, as it does sort of imply that any serious wound will kill a hero. --Roy 5 January 2006 19:15 (CET)
It is a bit arbitrary. But if a good infiltrator could actually kill charecters, it would be far too powerfull. A clarrification in the manual might be usefull. AlexTurner 5 January 2006 19:19 (CET)
Heroes can get seriously wounded but not die in battle, no? I believe on SEI a hero was seriously wounded first, and a few rounds later he was killed. Tariq
I dont think all serious wounds kill heroes, and serious wounds happen less frequently to heroes, I think. I've been seriously wounded when I was a hero, and lived to tell the tale. Vellos 5 January 2006 19:46 (CET)
When a Hero is Seriously Wounded at any point in battle he will die the very same battle but you don't have to die immediately. Ineivitably though getting stomped on, loosing too much blood etc. will probably finish you off a few minutes later! Hell, I've had two Heroes die in battle now - I should know! >.< - Revan
A regular wound will seriously wound a Hero, a serious wound for everyone else kills a Hero. ~ Marc J. January 6, 2006 18:50 (CET)
Ack; no, it doesn't! A regular wound is a regular wound. If a Hero gets wounded a second time in battle (when a non-Hero would be seriously wounded), he/she is killed. If a Hero is seriously wounded by any other means, he/she is seriously wounded. --Anaris 14 January 2006 21:11 (CET)
I can confirm that only Serious Wounds in battle kill Heroes. I guess it would make it really, really harsh to be a hero otherwise. Hell, there would certainly be even fewer Hero Council Members than there are now if they could be killed from any serious wound ;-) heh - Revan
"Bounties are paid to whoever kills or seriously wounds the target either in battle or any other way, such as infiltrator actions."
Either this is bad phrasing, or Infiltrators can wound and kill heroes. Anyone know which?
Judging by what has previously been said, an infiltrator will be able to give a Hero a normal wounding, which will translate to a serious wound for the Hero, and thus the infil will collect the bounty. The infiltrator will not be able to kill the Hero however. --Roy 12 January 2006 19:35 (CET)

An infiltrator can wound or seriously wound a hero. This 'brand' of serious wound, however, will not be lethal. AlexTurner 12 January 2006 20:17 (CET)

Methods of execution

Do we really need to list methods of execution created by the players? This is all RP stuff, as there is no IG mechanic for selecting methods of execution. This article should really just be about the situations that can cause character death. --Indirik 20:30, 4 May 2007 (CEST)

Well yeah it's "RP stuff," but this isn't a manual page, and I can't think of a better place to list methods of execution than the page which talks about execution. House Olik 22:01, 4 May 2007 (CEST)
Why do they all talk about Abington... -Chénier 05:05, 8 March 2008 (CET)