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Testing Tournament Property

Testing Property:Tournament.

I held a tournament: September 3, 2009; Atamara; swordfighting; 1000; 100; 20; Kende Indirik

Resources for Creating Family, Character, Region, and Realm Pages

Part of the problem of a wiki is finding things that you can use as a resource to build your own pages. The fact that there's a lot of stuff out there is great, but how do you find it? Where can you go to see what templates people have already created? What resources exist to help you get started? Well, hopefully I can pull some of these resources together and help people out a bit.

Awesome Heraldry Designer

Link provided by Bluelake:


It appears that I like writing newspapers about BattleMaster...

  • I am the creator and editor of The Rampant Lion, a newspaper covering the events in Perdan, on the East Island. I have pretty much moved away from this one, and it has fallen behind the times. Perhaps someone else will take over with it.
  • I created the format and templates for The TattleMaster for Gias Kay, who came up with the idea and concept for the paper. This is an OOC newspaper about the game of BattleMaster itself, and not about any island or realm. I also post most of the news and stories there.
  • I created the Dwilight Daily, a newspaper that covers the entire island of Dwilight. This is currently my most active project.
  • I Have done an extensive bit of rework on the News Guide, adding a lot of general information on how to create your own newspaper. I still hope to one day expand the generic templates, to create a set of templates to let anyone open a newspaper similar to the Dwilight Daily, including all of it's automatic dating archival.


I made these two banners for the Dwilight Realm Banner Contest.

A Madina banner and icon: A Pian et Luries banner and icon:
Madina Indirik.jpg
Madina Icon Indirik.png
Pains Icon Indirik.png


  • Template:RealmBox - I started making a configurable template system to design realm infoboxes, named the RealmBox Project. Although it was mostly made obsolete by the Semantic Wiki and External Data API, I adapted it to use both of these concepts. The final result is a rather easy-to-use template that pulls data from the external data feed and tags it with semantic tagging.
  • Template:RegionBox - I also adapted the various RealmBox templates to make a region infobox that also uses the external data feed and semantic tagging.
  • Template:Infobox CharData - Danaris started this one, then I reformatted and expanded it. It's an infobox for your character page that uses external data and semantic tagging.

Templates for The Rampant Lion

Templates for Dwilight Daily

Templates for The TattleMaster

Templates I Find Useful

  • Template:Usr - For easily linking to a wiki user's page
  • Template:Message2 - For posting messages on the wiki in a format similar to that used in-game
  • Template:Quotation - For posting quotes from messages, e-mails, etc.
  • Template:Click - For overlaying a hotlink link on top of a graphic, so clicking the graphic takes yo to the linked page, instead of to the image.
  • Template:Reglink - For easily creating links to region pages for all islands Obsolete

Links to various MediaWiki related stuff

EC Maps

Maps showing the political gridlock plaguing the East Island. It's gotten even worse since these maps were made, if you can believe that.

The federated gridlock of the East Island has since broken up, and these maps are here only for historical purposes.