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The East Continent. more maps...

East Continent, sometimes referred to as East Island, is notoriously known for its persistent, ferocious, merciless warfare between the many realms of long standing foes and allies. Lengthy and slim, it is framed by large realms to the north and west, while some smaller realms can be found in the central mountains or other niches all over the continent.

Geographically, the various areas differ considerably, with huge plains to the northeast, impressive forests in the west, a large mountain range in the center of the continent, and a chain of volcanic isles to the northwest. The mountains near the south of the continent not only are the retreats of several smaller realms, but also crucial strategic points and the source of many ores and other raw materials. The vast grasslands in the east and north supply most of the continent's food.

This was the very first BattleMaster world to open.


The history of the East Continent is quite long and much has been lost to history. You can find much of the history within the realms' articles and libraries.



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East Continent News

The EI newspaper business is not what it was during the Great War, but numerous papers have published a few issues since then.

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East Continent as depicted by Tempest Cartography

This stylish map of East Continent was completed by Luna of the Tempest Family during her research at the Grey University of Karbala to better understand the geography and cultures of the continent. This map represents the land of the East Continent before the events of Good Tidings