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The Constitutional Monarchy of Shadowdale

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Island East Continent
Capital Krimml
Largest City Fontan
Government Monarchy

Duchies 4
Regions 1
Population 39,600
Gold 6175
Food 2942
Nobles 21
Shadow Queen Etain Dubhaine
Grey Exarch William Armsworth
Tormentor Dirk Kalamar
Cauldron Master Everhard Brennaborg


The East Continent at the foundation of Shadowdale.

The Spider Queen Era (2016.02.25)

The realm of Shadowdale arose when the Duchess Luciferase of Karbala achieved the independence of her duchy, belonging to Sirion, being self-proclaimed as Spider Queen of Shadowdale. The Spider Queen established a theocratic system whose maximum exponent was herself. There were hardly any laws, everything was regulated by the right of duel, a common means to enforce your claims. In foreign policy, in order to improve his relations with Sirion, Shadowdale entered into the conflict that arose after the Rebellion of First Oligarch, an allusion to an ancient kingdom with the same name. Although the start of the war granted Shadowdale great territorial benefits, the victory was not achieved so easily. The defenders of First Oligarch resisted for more than a year, supported by southern kingdoms, in a game of alliances that would unleash a much bigger and cruel war in the future. It was at this point in the war against First Oligarch that the Spider Queen locked herself in her palace and she did not go out again, leaving the realm unattended. This caused Shadowdale's nobles to rebel against her, throwing her off the throne.

Dark Era

Little is known about this era. There was a king whose name is unknown since it lasted very little on the throne. The only thing that stands out is that Shadowdale ceased to be a theocracy and became in a monarchy. Futhermore, the cult of spiders created by Luciferase ended with her disappearance.

The Shadow King Era (2017.01.24)

Under the rule of King of Shadows Lindow Moonsun, the kingdom observed a slow and steady growth of the noble population but, approaching the end of the war, somehow, the court of this kingdom began to grow very rapidly due to a large influx of noble families who joined their ranks. Some people say that it was due to the righteous rule of the King of Shadows that this realm became attractive and thus attracted so many people. While others believe that he somehow made contact with otherworldly entities outside of our plane of existence and was granted the ability to summon shape-shifting demons tied to his will by supernatural ties. We will never know.

What is known is that Shadowdale has become a great power within the continent, and that has been achieved after successive wars.

The Great War

It was a war that pitted the southern kingdoms consisting of Perdan, Vix Tiramora, Fallangard, and Highmarch against Sirion, Eponllyn, Nivemus, Caligus, and Redhaven.

The beginning of the war is located after the fall of the kingdoms of Oligarch and Xavax. The southern kingdoms mobilized against Caligus and quickly conquered most of their lands up to the border with Fontan, the only territory that managed to resist. With the conquered lands they created the kingdom of Highmarch. Sirion granted the ancient lands of Oligarch to the refugees of Xavax to form Redhaven.

Shadowdale, despite not being the most powerful kingdom in the north, managed to regain most of the lands of Caligus. A fact that was never recognized or appreciated by this kingdom and that would have consequences in the future.

The war progressed in favor of the northern kingdoms, even surrounding the city of Perdan. However, a sudden growth of the Perdan kingdom caused the war to stagnate. No one had the administrative capacity to move forward, except SHadowdale. A few days before the end of the war – which no one knew was coming – the Shadow Legion mobilized under the command of Grey Exarch Luna Tempest with the aim of taking Nascot, while a small detachment accompanied the rest of the conjoined northern army southwards to create the illusion of Shadowdale’s presence and buy the rest of the Legion time to try and take Nascot before their by then enemy could react. These efforts were cut short, as the Gods halted every ongoing conflict and caused what is known as the Great Peace to happen.

Shadowdale achieved with this war the regions of Krimml, Evora and Akesh Temple.

Nivemus War

After the end of the Great War, Shadowdale began to experience great growth, increased the jealousy and envy of its neighbors, who have considered us an inferior power. They started negotiations with Kronogos Brock to request Bruck since Nivemus had twice as many regions as nobles while Shadowdale had more than 50 nobles and 11 regions, but they received no response.

Later, they were reported that Perdan was going to launch a campaign of conquest across the ancient Obsidian Islands to establish a colony in the North. We communicated to Nivemus about this plan and the possibility of establishing a Shadowdale colony on the Kazan peninsula, but again Nivemus did not respond. After not receiving any letters, we finally decided to attack Nivemus as we considered that Nivemus was not ready for the new events. This was the moment when the rest of the kingdoms that were allies of Shadowdale took off their masks and were hostile. Caligus, ruled at that time by King Rowan, threatened to destroy us and proposed to the rest of the kingdoms to ally with Perdan and erase us from the map.

As former allies, Shadowdale did not make any conquests at Nivemus during the war but continued the negotiations confident that there was a solution that would satisfy everyone. However, all the kingdoms only proposed that Shadowdale conquer badlands, in other words, the waste that the rest of the kingdoms did not want. Finally, the war against Nivemus ended in a very dishonest way, Eponllyn and Nivemus negotiated behind Shadowdale's back the delivery of Bruck to Eponllyn to cut off Shadowdale's access to Nivemus, ending the war and uniting the Eponllyn territories.

Shadowdalian-Caligan War

Time passed and Perdan declared war on Nivemus to establish his colony (Alexandria). Again the kingdoms rallied to fight Perdan, but Shadowdale stayed on the sidelines, though not as much, as it was the perfect time to exact revenge on all of them. Caligus was the first, who have threatened to destroy us was the target, and it became more attractive when Perleone offered us an alliance in that war. The war against Caligus was successful, we conquered Fontan, An Najaf and Viseu, but Eponllyn joined the war in defense of Caligus, proving that the political movement to take over the Bruck region did so to harm Shadowdale more than for the general good.

Great War in the North

After Shadowdale made peace with Caligus, Eponllyn was still at war with them and they did not want to pay the war expenses, so Shadowdale continued the war to pay for the damages they caused. However, Sirion saw a threat in this and declared war, despite the insistence of the Shadowdale ambassadors that they were only seeking payment. However, the Kingdom of Perleone stood by Shadowdale's side and helped him to resist the great army of Sirion, an army that had brought down many kingdoms.

The war against Sirion was a great challenge, history shows, great kingdoms have succumbed to them and Shadowdale seemed to be next. His first demands were for Shadowdale's ban on expanding and paying a large fine to both Eponllyn and Sirion, though the latter could be forgiven if the Shadow King Lindow abdicated.

The war was the catharsis of Sirion's hatred of Shadowdale, whose rulers and army leaders were Shadowdaliannophobes and incited the total destruction of Shadowdale.

The situation got worse for Shadowdale when Nivemus merged with Eponllyn and Sirion, making the latter the kingdom with the two richest men on the continent, wealth that was invested in the war.

However, Shadowdale demonstrated unwavering stamina. Great battles took place during this war, the most memorable was the breaking of the siege of Al Amarah, where despite having been a defeat for Shadowdale and Perleone they managed to stop the takeover of the region, causing the withdrawal of the Sirion army and the recovery of the lost regions.

The war became a war of attrition, something that did not make it clear who could benefit more, Sirion had a lot of gold and food producing regions, and Shadowdale many young nobles who little by little were being able to command larger armies.

Eventually both parties signed the peace and Krimml Accords, in which Shadowdale's right to freely expand north was recognized.

Shadowdalian-Alexandrian War

During the great war in the north, Alexandria took advantage of the disappearance of Nivemus to conquer Oroya and Salta in order to improve their income.

Following the signing of the Krimml Accords, Shadowdale began expanding into the former territories of Nivemus with the goal of creating an archduchate. However, Alexandria prevented it from forming as they controlled two important territories.

Negotiations were held where Shadowdale offered a large sum of gold for both regions, an offer that Alexandria rejected.

Time passed and Alexandria lacked the administrative capacity to maintain those regions but continued to do so in order to profit from negotiations with Shadowdale. The Tidemaster himself expressed that he was not interested in gold, nor was he even interested in maintaining those regions, he wanted the Kazan peninsula and alluded to a future confrontation with Eponllyn, for that reason he requested an alliance, either by marriage or agreement, to Shadowdale, a proposal that Shadowdale rejected at the time, making preparations for war.

The war was militarily easy but Alexandria proved to be a dishonest, mean and hypocritical enemy. He tried to victimize himself from the beginning by sending numerous letters to the rest of the kingdoms with propaganda against Shadowdale. They even made propaganda in adventurer guilds against Shadowdale while they executed two adventurers for no reason.

There was a lot of hypocrisy in them, they destroyed all the civil buildings of Oroya and Salta, left the population of Salta without food and even tortured and robbed a Shadowdale nobleman who was taken prisoner, all against the prisoner agreement, respected in the entire continent since the Great War.

After the conquest of Salta, peace was signed with no more war claims than Salta and Oroya.

Age of the Shadow Court (2021.07.26)

During this time there were many rulers, who replaced each other in quick succession. It is believed that the reason for this was the existence of a Shadow Court, which wanted to prevent the rise of a strong ruler to curb their power. The rulers of this period are:

Shadow Queen Etain (2023.01.06)

Etain was doomed to have a short rule as well when pamphlets were scattered, claiming she was a commoner. However, the producer of these pamphlets has since disappeared, while Etain showed a document signed by Brigdha Dubhaine, in which Etain was acknowledged as her granddaughter.

The War of the Dukes

Most people in Shadowdale adhere to the Shadow. Nevertheless religion is not enforced and everyone is free to worship according to his conscience. Duke Edmund of the Spider's Citadel (consisting of Fontan, An Najaf, Oporto and Montijo) started his own religion, which he called Aunurism. This was not an issue. But when he instructed his followers to use violent methods against the Shadow, he broke the law. When confronted with this, he and Duke Roen of the Shadow's Citadel (around Akesh Temple) decided to switch to Caligus. They were allowed in Caligus, provided they would give up their title. Margrave Tzedvier of the Akesh Temple was a follower of the Shadows, but also was the vassal of Duke Roen and therefore went with him to Caligus. He, too, proved his loyalty to Patriarch Nemean JeVondair by stepping down and was eventually rewarded with the Duchy of the Spider's Throne when Duke Edmund stepped down. As Duke of the Spider's Throne he came into conflict with Margravine Cyria of Fontan, who had been a staunch supporter of Duke Edmund.

One of Cyria's knights was Eisenritter. He suddenly rose through the ranks due to his military genius and became the new Patriarch. A pamphlet circulating in Shadowdale clearly proves he killed Patriarch Nemean in a palace coup. He imposed punitive taxes on Duke Tzedvier, forcing the Duke to secede and rejoin Shadowdale. The tyrant Eisenritter demanded the Duchy back, but the brave Queen Etain did not back down to his threats, so Caligus declared war to take away the lands which according to feudal law belong to Duke Tzedvier and according to history belong to Shadowdale.

The tyrant Eisenritter prepared his war well and first entered into an alliance with Perdan, whose Queen first had close relations with Queen Etain. Shadowdale was smaller than either of the realms separately, so what chance did it stand against both combined? The brave lions of Perleone recognized the danger this alliance would pose to their existence and decided to join the war at the side of Shadowdale. However, Perdan and Perleone remained at peace with each other to prevent the war from escalating, although it was not uncommon to see treacherous Perdanese banners when the Caligans battled the Perleonese. However, the trustworthy Perleonese did honor the peace with Perdan. Eponllyn had a very devastating war with Caligus and then Perdan a short while before and was friendly towards Shadowdale. However, due to the previous wars, the constitution had been altered to prevent Eponllyn to enter a war again. The only other realm on the continent was Sirion, but they ignored the events to their south.


Hymn of Shadowdale

Rise, Shadow, rise, for glory of our land,

till all the world bows down at our command!

From distant shores to borders far and near,

Now let our armies fill the world with fear:

Rise, Shadow, rise, for glory of our land.

Rise, Shadow, rise, for honor and for fame,

that every realm may know the Shadow's name,

speak of her strength, and of her courage sing,

and make obeisance to our Shadow King.

Rise, Shadow, rise, for honor and for fame.

Rise, Shadow, rise; go forth to victory;

our foes defeated may we swiftly see

fleeing dismayed before each mighty sword,

wielded with valor and with one accord:

rise, Shadow, rise; go forth to victory.

- By Lady Flavia Arindal.,

Shadowdale is currently a enlightened absolutism wherein the ruler makes the decisions, consulting the Shadow Council when they are important issues.

Realm Hierarchy

  1. Shadow King
  2. Ministers: Grey Exarch, Tormentor and Cauldron Master
  3. Dukes
  4. Lords
  5. Knights and Nobles
  6. Commoners

Government bodies

Shadow Council

It is the main organ of the kingdom. Dedicated to give advice to the King on diplomatic, legislative, fiscal and other matters. Formed by

  • Shadow King
  • Ministers
  • Dukes
  • Nobles with the rank of ambassador
  • Leaders of a majority faith in the kingdom.
  • Shadow King's trusted nobles.

Minor organs

  1. The realm council: this body is made up of the Shadow King and his ministers. It is dedicated to improving newsletters. Proposals for changes to bulletins are also accepted.
  2. War Table: military body, dedicated to advise the Grey Exarch on tactics and strategies in military campaigns. Integrated to:

Corps in the Goverment

  • Diplomatic corps

This corps aims to support the Shadow King and the ambassadors in diplomatic affairs. Duties: Provide new forms or approaches in dialogues with other kingdoms, propose events both nationally and internationally and prepare draft diplomatic proposals and treaties.


Shadows Bluff Banner

Duchy of the Shadows Bluff

The Duchy of the Shadows Bluff was created from the Duchy of Karbala within the Republic of Sirion when the Spider Queen Luciferase became independent. The duchy started out as a small duchy made up of three regions to become one of the largest and most powerful in the entire East Continent.

Since then the duchy has been the inheritance of all the rulers of Shadowdale. Currently the title is inherited by the Shadow King.

In times of peace, tournaments will be held where the winner will be named Champion. His/her name being registered in the bulletin of the duchy.

The Shadow's Citadel Banner

Duchy of the Shadow's Citadel

The Duchy of the Shadow's Citadel was founded by Shadow King Lindow Moonsun as the first Duchy of Shadowdale not directly controlled by the Crown of Shadowdale. The conquest of Fontan by Shadowdale gave birth to new Ducal seat of power when Margravine Luna Tempest was raised to the station of Duchess by his Majesty the Shadow King .

As the duchy includes the lands that encompass Shadowdale's southern border it shields Shadowdale's core regions flank to the south from raiders or aggressive armies. The port city of Fontan forms the backbone of the duchies economy however the townslands of Viesu form a large portion of the tax base. The rural region of An Najaf partnered with the city and townslands see the subjects of the Shadow's Citadel do not go hungry. Akesh Temple forms the linchpin of the Citadel Duchy as a stronghold to part the storms of both the southeast and southwest realms.

With the creation of the Duchy of the Shadow's Citadel, Shadowdale would have a powerful vassal to ensure it's security in perpetuity.

Duchy of the Humble Countenance

The Duchy of the Humble Countenance was founded by Shadow King Lindow Moonsun after the Shadowdalian-Alexandrian War. This duchy will be ceded to an order of chivalry led by Maccio Aurelle, but it will remain Shadowdale territory, with the same laws and culture.



Shadowdale has two armies in its service.

The Shadow King´s Pennon
  • Shadow Legion.png The Shadow Legion Shadow Legion.png It is the Flagship army of Shadowdale. It was founded by Lindow Moonsun when he was crowned as Shadow King. The army has been the Shadow King Lindow Moonsun's tool of high diplomacy in all the wars Shadowdale has participated in. For this reason, this army carries the Shadow King´s Pennon, this banner has been seen in many regions across the continent, from the north to the south.
  • Knights of Humble Countenance Banner.png Knights of Humble Countenance Knights of Humble Countenance Banner.png It is the second army of Shadowdale. Created as an order of knights that in the future will be the main army of the archduchy that Shadowdale will found.

Military Decorations

Decorations are granted by the King in person or by letter

  • Cavalry Order maximum cavalry recruitment limit, prestige 20, 2 month in the realm, warrior class, cavalier/hero subclass
  • Royal unit – more than 9 campaigns, maximum recruitment limit, prestige 20, 2 months in the realm, warrior class, cavalier/hero subclass
  • Elder unit– between 4 and 8 campaigns, maximum recruitment limit, prestige 10, 1 month in the realm, warrior class
  • Prime unit – between 1 and 3 campaigns, maximum recruitment limit, prestige 5


Several religions have a presence in Shadowdale, but the most present and influential is The Shadow, which is held firmly by many religious nobles both inside and outside the realm.


Shadowdale's Legal Code was created as a way to reliably and fairly solve disputes, after its steep increase in noble population also led to petty squabbles that needed be dealt with, lest they escalated further and threatened to weaken the realm. The laws derive its power from the authority the Shadow King wields over the realm, and aim to channel that authority in a pragmatic and secular system that can solve conflicts without the need to divert his attention from more important matters and can do so with minimal effort. Laws are classified in Zeroth Laws and Regular Laws. The former dictate how to properly add, change and remove laws, how to interpret them during a trial, who has authority to deal justice, etc. The latter dictate what actions can be sanctioned and their penalty.

National days

  • February 25th, Independence Day

The Spider Qeen Luciferase seceded from Sirion and founded Shadowdale.

  • July 7th, New Tommorrow Day

On this day, the armies of Shadowdale conquered the great city of Fontan, ending the war against Caligus a few days later and allowing the creation of the Duchy of The Shadow's Citadel.

  • September 13th, Patriots’ Day

The great patriotism shown by those Shadowdale nobles supported by the Perleone forces who fought against the entire army of the Republic of Sirion and Eponllyn at Al Amarah. Although Shadowdale lost the battle, they were able to break the takeover and avoid a threat to the kingdom's capital.