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Kingdom of Caligus

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Island East Continent
Capital Akesh Temple
Largest City Unknown
Government Monarchy

Duchies 3
Regions 2
Population 21,189
Gold 10621
Food 3510
Nobles 34
Patriarch Eisenritter Felsenbach
Dux Militum Gerard Crewins
First Orator Anastassia D'Anglos
Exarch of Coin Fendor Windbreaker
An NajafWilbrand

Caligus icon.PNG Overview Caligus icon-rev.png

Caligus is one of the oldest monarchies in the East Continent. A brief history:

  • After ending a long and grueling series of wars which concluded in the destruction of a long time enemy Yssaria(2005-2008)
  • Capital of Domus has been taken back under her banner thanks to the wealth of former Queen Gwynyth and her family (2006)
  • Caligus conquered a number of realms as well as a peaceful merger with Tuchanon V (2008-2009)
  • Waged frequent wars against Perdan, Westmoor, Fontan, and Dunnera (Fontan and Dunnera fell in 2012) (2009-2012)
  • Skirmished variously with Perdan, Eponllyn, Armona, Fallangard, Westmoor, Perleone and Sirion (2012-14)
  • Defeats Fallangard in a decisive victory, confining them to the city of Hamadan (2014)
  • Wars waged against Sirion, Fallangard, Vix Tiamora, Eponllyn, Duchies of South Sirion, First Oligarch, Shadowdale, (2014-2017)
  • Caligus hits it's lowest point, owning only the city of Fontan as it's sole territory (late 2017)
  • Alongside Yssrgard, Caligus warred against Shadowdale in a bid to stop Lindow Moonsun from gaining too much power (mid 2021)
  • The lessons learned from fighting overwhelming odds has allowed Caligus to develop highly efficient military.

Caligus icon.PNG Leadership Caligus icon-rev.png

Caligan Inner Council:

Current Ruler: High King Pasquale Contéfigardo
Current General: General Supreme Gerard Crewins
Current Judge: High Priestess Anastassia D'Anglos
Current Banker: High Treasurer Actron Burep


High King Pasquale Contéfigardo
General Supreme and Marshal of the Wings of Retribution, Gerard Crewins

Legates: over 200 honor and in realm for over 365 days
Bjorn Utengar
Actron Burep
Tribunes: over 100 honor and in realm for over 365 days
Hannelore von Lucker
Azer Liverpool
Anastassia D'Anglos
Centurions: over 50 honor and in realm for over 180 days
Matthew Mcloud
Fyrael Shadowaver
Titus Foote
Lima Exodus
Robin Shepard
Milo de Santis
Reilley Buchanan
Hrothgen Strongarm
Daethon Mamushi
Ra Endymion Hwitt
Latínã Montgomery
Everard Telamon
Naël Cadieux
Bam of Townsend

Caligus icon.PNG Treaties Caligus icon-rev.png

Fontan Peace Treaty: This is believed to be the legendary treaty that Avamar claims Fontan while Fontan claims otherwise. It's time is from about 2005.

Perdan Peace Treaty: This is the treaty that ended the Great War and wrecked great humiliation upon Perdan and Caligus. It was pieced together after quite a lengthy debate.

Second Fontan Peace Treaty: This is the treaty that ended hostilities involving Caligus, Fontan, Perdan, and Westmoor.

Surrender Terms from Perdan to Caligus and Ibladesh This treaty ended hostilities between the realm with Ibladesh taking alot of land from Perdan

Caligus icon.PNG The Heroic Caligus icon-rev.png

Hall of the Dead Our famous heroes that have fallen in the name of Caligus, they are an example to us all.

Ookee Ookee
Eagles Reach
Shorloc Soul

Caligus icon.PNG The Treacherous Traitors Caligus icon-rev.png

  1. Tzedvier Bayemvee

Caligus icon.PNG Other information Caligus icon-rev.png

The original Caligus banner and flag, used in 2001 and 2002. It is unknown when this changed.

Things you need to know about what enriches and haunts the Caligan minds.