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Island East Continent
Capital Domus
Largest City Domus
Government Monarchy

Duchies 3
Regions 7
Population 82,352
Gold 3998
Food 1944
Nobles 13
High King Matthew Mcloud
General Supreme Gerard Crewins
High Priest Preston Greer
High Treasurer Actron Burep
AureusActron Burep
DomusMatthew Mcloud
HamadanJimminy Pantucket
MashhadHannelore von Lucker
ScioAmbrose Peregrine
SupraShorloc Soul
WinkamusAnastassia D'Anglos

Caligus icon.PNG Overview Caligus icon-rev.png

Caligus is one of the oldest monarchies in the East Continent. After ending a long and grueling series of wars which concluded in the destruction of a long time enemy Yssaria and the requisition of its ancestral lands from a time before the existance of Yssaria. Her formal capital of Domus has been taken back under her banner thanks to the wealth of former Queen Gwynyth and her family. The final nail in the coffin was hammered when Yssaria's capital and last region was taken, the walls of this city had not been taken since the days of Fallangard, a realm which occupied the cities of Isadril and Hamadan and surrounding regions many years ago. Caligus has since become a large and powerful realm with a strong diplomatic bearing, through conquest of a number of realms as well as a peaceful merger with Tuchanon V. The lessons learned from fighting overwhelming odds has allowed Caligus to develop highly efficient military.

Caligus icon.PNG Leadership Caligus icon-rev.png

Caligan Inner Council:

King: Cuthbert II
General: Iskra
Arch Priest: Bjorn
Royal Treasurer: Andrin

Court of Caligus:

The Outer Council only exists for one main purpose, namely to aid the ruler in the process of making decisions. They do so by suggesting alternatives, expanding already stated ideas, investigating a point of doubt, ... They are the most trusted nobles, because the highest of responsibility lies on their shoulders when they discuss delicate diplomacy or serious problems.

Region Maintenance

The Realm Maintainance is the select group of nobles that keeps themselves busy with taking care of our regions. Most of them are regions lords, but also bureaucrats and members of the High Council, such as the banker and judge, are present ni this group.
Members are:

Eagle's Nest

This group of Caligans discuss battlefield strategy. Further information on the Military of Caligus has a whole scroll dedicated to it for revision at your leisure.

Caligus icon.PNG Treaties Caligus icon-rev.png

Fontan Peace Treaty: This is believed to be the legendary treaty that Avamar claims Fontan while Fontan claims otherwise. It's time is from about 2005.

Perdan Peace Treaty: This is the treaty that ended the Great War and wrecked great humiliation upon Perdan and Caligus. It was pieced together after quite a lengthy debate.

Second Fontan Peace Treaty: This is the treaty that ended hostilities involving Caligus, Fontan, Perdan, and Westmoor.

Surrender Terms from Perdan to Caligus and Ibladesh This treaty ended hostilities between the realm with Ibladesh taking alot of land from Perdan

Caligus icon.PNG The Heroic Caligus icon-rev.png

Hall of the Dead Our famous heroes that have fallen in the name of Caligus, they are an example to us all.

Ookee Ookee
Eagles Reach

Caligus icon.PNG Other information Caligus icon-rev.png

The original Caligus banner and flag, used in 2001 and 2002. It is unknown when this changed.

Things you need to know about what enriches and haunts the Caligan minds.