An Najaf

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Region Details
Continent East Continent
Region Type Rural
Geographic Area East Coast
Population 11004
Economy Farming, Fishing
Realm / Duchy Caligus / The Shadow's Citadel
Local Lord Vahx of Townsend


  • An Najaf has seceded from the realm of Fontan. It has joined in the creation of a new realm, Light of Fountain, led by Lycastus. --Indirik 2 April 2006 07:04 (CEST)
  • After the War between Fontan and Light of Fontan the region of An Najaf belongs again to the realm of Fontan.
  • Joined Confederacy of Fontan after Gregor's secession.
  • Retaken by Fontan near the end of the Fontanese Civil War on August 25, 1008.
  • Count Armstrong Ironsides, Hero of the Democracy, established the first Congress of Democracy Chamber here on November 13th, 1008.

The Region of An Najaf

Region description:


An Najaf is a rural region located at the coast, with a favourable climate. The land is quite flat and open. Only the northern borders with Viseu and Oporto provide a different sight with its many forests. The flat and open lands provide excellent space for wide farm lands, which is the main industry of this region.

Count Armstrong has taken the effort to build an exquisite Plantation near his estate, and it is quickly becoming another landmark of beauty in An Najaf.


The people of An Najaf are friendly and independent, yet they have a careful, not hostile view, on strangers. Past all early barriers, they are wonderful hosts, polite guests and treat all as their own family. Four times a year they hold feasts for a period of three days to honour the changing climate of each season. During these festivities, the central courtyard of their homes is occupied with a great huge fire used to burn all the disposables from the previous season. Leaves, used skins and much else are routinely burned during these festivals. Because of this, An Najaf has become known for the incomparable cleanliness of their homes, villages and general nature. Also during the festivals, there is much celebration and revelry to be found. The feasts are accompanied by drinking of new and old wines, imported beers and an unusual elixir only found in a grotto near the coast of An Najaf. Each festival has become popular for its own signature dishes and ornaments, representing the season it is celebrating.


An Najaf Historical Records

An Najaf is a prominent region of Fontan. One of the original lands ruled by the Democracy, it remains a standing example of the Fontanese Way.


Besides the local pagan faith, An Najaf pays its worship to the Flow of the Balance.


There are a few infantry recruitment centres and one cavalry stable. The defence of An Najaf is under the prerogative of the Democracy of Fontan.


An Najaf’s wine is among the finest produced on the East Continent. Through patience and care, the soil has been developed to produce exquisite taste and perfect odour. There are few wineries in the region, each run by a noble family and each competing to be the region’s best wine. Moreover, while other regions sport many beeradiums, An Najaf is populated with cantina’s serving their splendid wines.

The creative minds of An Najaf continue to entertain the populace with parades and grand exhibitions during the four festivals. The usual manner of expression is through competition. Each festival will display a competition for best in a certain medium. Spring is often used for theatre, summer for athleticism, fall for music, and winter for food. These competitions produce wonderful shows and give the talented a reason to develop their skills. This has been a tradition of An Najaf for many centuries, said to have been first introduced by the Great Sage Pafizi.

An Najaf's Fall Festival of 23 September, 1008

The past two winning theatre performances were two plays written by Sir Ultor Amedes, who was a native of An Najaf and served as its knight. Manuscripts can be found here

Past winners of the Spring Festival Theatre Competition:

"A Farce in Fontan" by Knight Ultor Amedes
“The Quest for the Star Crown” By Knight Ultor Amedes


Economic Sector Workers Quality
Farming 38 % average
Fishing 15 % excellent
Trade 11 % substandard