Confederacy of Fontan

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The Confederacy of Fontan was formed on May 27th, 2008, when Duke Gregor Relak seceded Fontan city from the realm of Fontan.

Gregor's Plea to the Fontanian Assembly

Gregor plead to Fontan's assembly before seceding, "My brothers and sisters of Fontan,

We have fought many wars together you and I, it was I who formally defined the powers of the Assembly when I was Chancellor, and it was I who have been your most ardent supporter. We have lost our political battle against those who would ignore the people. The military elite has usurped the powers inherent to the people. Where once this body was the political nexus of all that made Fontan great, now this space is a hollow shell of a thing. No-more does the Chancellor seek the approval of this body to enact change. No more are things debated vigorously producing the finest policy that Fontan’s collective wisdom can muster. No more is our realm a democracy. It is a tyranny of military ideals, and military might.

This thing I cannot stand to let live. Therefore it is with much consternation, much introspective thought and due consideration of all the options available to me and to we the people, that I declare a state of civil war to exist in Fontan. My Duchy will henceforth be free from the shackles of this oppressive government, will live freely under my rule, and will do its utmost to reclaim for freedom the lands so many have died to protect. I know that I am not alone in my sentiments, and therefore I call upon all nobles of Fontan, all Lords and Dukes to stand against this government, and to join with me in arms.

Mighty friends have been saddened by Fontan’s descent, and their support will bolster our cause against the established powers. Our cause is just, our strength unmatched, and peace shall rule our lands once again. Give up your hearts to joy and wonderment in life once more, and lift up your sword in salute to our fair land of freedoms. Join with me my brothers, and embrace once more the patriotic fervor which has made us great."

Gregor's Announcement to CoF

Gregor announced to the newly established realm, "It is as I laid out to the assembly, the democracy has been plowed under the earth and laid into a shallow grave by the military establishment. The so called old guard has lost election after election, and as it has done so Fontan's honor has gone with it.

I was called traitor for founding an army to protect my Duchy from assured attack by Caligus. I was looked at with suspicion because I upheld my oath to protect my lands. Even still the name of the Free Fontan Brigade was a matter of contention for the monarchists. Rogal Dorn, Tal, Basilius, Sulliven, and those who push for war and more war all the while claiming it is the people's will deny their responsibilities and the boundaries of their offices. It is important to remember that the destruction of Old Rancagua was because of an insult made against a Chancellor.

An insult warrants total destruction? What should have been a boarder war turns into empire building? Those who oppose them are ignored, and the democracy is left behind for militant autarchy. I say no more. Election or not Mikhail's appeal to the nobility is not strong enough to bank the fires of mindless expansion."

Explanation of Initial Tyranny

The new realm was formed as a tyranny, with Gregor Relak as the new ruler, with the intention of becoming a democracy. According to Gregor, "I have studied ancient history, and nearly lost to us is the story of an ancient republic. In times of great stress a sole individual was granted the powers of state to deal with an emergency. After the emergency passed the dictator (the word had a more neutral connotation then) gave up his power, and the saved republic was restored. In these ancient times only men of great virtue were given these powers, and even then they were watched closely for signs of being a tyrant.

I am an old man Hamilton, one who will shoulder this one final burden before I pass. I am a man of honor and integrity it is well known, and everyone should rest easy knowing that I will restore to the people the democracy we few can remember. But though my body is tired with age, my mind is quick to see the dangers of leading a realm into civil war while keeping the democratic institutions of monthly elections alive and well. The other party could simply buy the silence of those who sit on the side of what is right by having their nobles come and vote me and those who support the true tree of freedom from office.

No, I do not think that would be very wise at all, and I suspect neither did this ancient republic who saw that something necessary must be done, and thus empowered a man, a single dictator to do what was needed."

Perdan, Caligus, Sirion, Old Rancagua, the Obsidian Isles, all oppose what Fontan has done and is doing. Ibladesh no friend of Perdan reaches out to the Confederacy in support of our protest. Fontan has been turned into the lightening rod that attracts the armies of this world. I will see her survive this conflict and be reborn from the ashes anew, as it once was a truly shining beacon of freedom and tolerance, peace, and stability in this troubled world."

Fontanian Civil War

The regions of Negev, Tokat, and Sordidus followed the city in secession, but returned immediately to Fontan within the first day. The region of An Najaf left Fontan to join in the secession. An Najaf exchanged hands multiple times and saw numerous battles. Now the Confederacy and Fontan are fighting a constant war over a third region. Negev, Oporto, and Viseu have all been taken over by the Confederacy and have been the location of many battles between Fontan and the Confederacy, Caligus, and Perdan. Eventually longtime Banker and Marshal Hamilton Vita was captured by Fontan in Negev after staying behind to scout and do civil work while he ordered the rest of the army to Fontan City. Fontan deported him to the colonies. As per his recommendations, Rain was promoted to marshal and Thorius Furion was promoted to banker. During its dying days, Gregor was captured in battle and almost executed by Supreme Justice Dorian Atreides. He barely escaped with his life. On September 5, 2008, the Confederacy of Fontan's last city fell to the takeover ending the Confederacy. The Fontanian Civil War was completed in Fontan's favor.

Confederacy of Fontan
CoF Flag.png CoF Flag.png
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Location of Confederacy of Fontan
Continent / Island East Continent
Capital Fontan
Largest City Fontan
Government System Tyranny

Gregor Relak
Aenarion Von Ulthuan
Johnnn Doe
Thorius Furion Archbane

Regions 2
Population 53365
Nobles 14
Last Statistics Update 2008.8.18