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The Great Sage Pafizi of An Najaf

Pafizi was an exalted mentor from An Najaf. His many works and contributions are often collected and taught to others. There is a compendium being developed by the successive students of his school of teachings, though it is not yet complete. He is said to have been born in the ancient days when the realms of the East Continent were still being forged. By virtue of his long existence, he has seen the creation of all things and therefore knew the original intentions for everything. It is also told that he had a temper and a sardonic sense of humour.

Whether or not Pafizi was real or based on myths is unknown, but there are many legends that include his influence in some way, or have him as a direct character. These legends often include historical figures such as the ancient Chiefs of An Najaf, and the heroes who originally founded the Democracy of Fontan. Due to this mix of fact and potential fiction, determining which is real and which is not is very difficult for scribes and mentors. Despite this unanswered question, his teachings are still considered relevant and appropriate for rearing men and women with proper values and principles.

His teachings have had a significant impact on the development and education of the people of An Najaf. The education is not exactly that, but more like daily and nightly fables that include moral teachings derived from Pafizi’s work. By this, the people of An Najaf are particularly more civilized and rational compared to people from other regions, at least they would say so.

During each of the Four Festivals, a parade is had in the afternoon commemorating his life and acievements. The women wear the traditional clothing of An Najaf, and the men dress as monkeys, the animal representation of the Great Sage.