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An Najaf Historical Records

As it has been recorded:

During the Civil War

(May 27th to September 5th, 1008)

An Najaf has been a central territory for many battles during the Fontan Civil War. It has switched hands many times and has seen many rulers come and go. This has been a typical feature of An Najaf life, and has influenced the mentality of the population to create a region of people more self ruling as opposed to relying on overlords.

After the reign of Lord Elberan Carnes, An Najaf became the main battleground in the Fontanese Civil War. It was used by the Confederates as their food supply. The land braced many battles and felt the deaths of many soldiers, but eventually it was won by the true Democrats. During its return to Fontan Major, Lord Duncan was put in as steward and tasked with returning the region to normalcy. His effort was needed as the elected Lord, Armstrong Ironsides, was trapped in a dungeon in Domus. The Hero of Democracy became the Count after a minor setback and began to rehabilitate the tyrannized land.

During the Great Patriotic War

(Date disputed to 11 December 08 when war in the south ended)

After the end of the Civil War, Fontan turned to face the many tyrants surrounding her. An Najaf, being the region closest to Caligus, became a stomping ground for both Caligulans and Perdanese. It was during the four remaining months of this Great War that An Najaf suffered the greatest. Daily pillaging and looting brought it to the brink of anarchy several times, and the constant upkeep by the Count and a few bureaucrats saved it from becoming a rogue region during this time. The peace treaty with the south came too late, however, for the peasants of An Najaf a day or so after all hostilities ended revolted and became rogue. The Count was tossed to the curb and a re-takeover was needed. An Najaf was then returned to Fontan, and the Hero of Democracy was returned as its Count. He has dedicated himself to its recovery.

After the Great Patriotic War

(11 December 08 to present)

An Najaf continued to suffer the effects of the war, and experienced tumultuous times. Count Armstrong was frequently embarrassed by the peasants who refused to recognize his rule. After another revolt, the Priest Andrew Cunningham returned the rogue region to Fontan and became its Count. His efforts are in order to retain stability and progress. An Najaf's period of unrest raged on as the Priest was overthrown, and Sir Hierarch Darkwind, a former vassal of Count Armstrong, was placed as the region's steward. At this point, the Hero of Democracy had felt that he was no longer fit to rule his beloved jewel and resigned from the position. He resigned on the first of january 1009 and returned to military service.

Count Jon Paul replaced Steward Hierarch on the 19th of January 1009. His rule was immediately marked with a harshness that neither Lord Armstrong or Sir Hierarch expected, and a week later, the Count proved his tyranny by destroying the Congress of Democracy, An Najaf's own political society.