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The Congress of Democracy

On January 29th 1009, the Congress of Democracy was destroyed by the miser Count of An Najaf, Jon Paul Ogren.

The Commissioner and the Congress made an appeal to Supreme Justice Moira to reconsider the decree of Lord Duncan when he served as Judge. This is the case to which the Commissioner presented:

The Trial:


The Congress was founded to provide the democratic nobles of the East Continent with a community and an organization for discussion to further implement and defend our Democracy.

"Democracy relies on Community."


The Congress seeks to ensure the proper use of Democracy in all aspects of realm policy, procedures and operations. Also to build true Democratic ideals in its members and spread our ideals outside of the Congress.

"Democracy is the opponent of Tyranny."


The Congress may hold internal discussions, debates, votes, referendums, festivals, and any other utility that it may require without interference of the governing body or of outside influence.

All members of the guild may display their rank in public by tailing their letters with the epithet of their rank plus 'of Democracy'. Example, Liason of Democracy.

"Democracy should have no Restrictions."


Seats of Prominence:

1. Founder: Hero of the Democracy

2. Commissioner: The Master of the Guild. Voted to the seat once a month. Is the spokesman for the Congress in public. Required to preside over the society of the guild and enact all resolutions voted on by the Congress. The Commissioner is responsible for placing the proper Democrats in their seats after the elections, then if they were voted out, for elevating the Commissioner-elect to the seat of Commissioner. Once the new Commissioner is installed, their first action is to demote the outgoing Commissioner.

3. Officer: Voted to the seat once a month. Responsible for the routine promoting and demoting Congressman, for membership fees and for the operation of the Congress. The Officer is also responsible for conducting background checks on new recruits; checking if there are enemy family members, or if the recruit has any tyrannical behaviour in their past. The Officer must maintain security by employing a thorough screening process, and assuring a pure, uncontaminated, safe Congress.

4. Secretary: Voted to the seat once a month. Responsible for administering the votes, the referendums, managing the debates and organizing the orders of business. The Secretary will manage the agenda of the Congress along side the Commissioner and the Officer.

Ordinary Seats

11. Ambassador: Voted to the seat once a month, or appointed by the Officer should no one campaign. Responsible for spreading the guild to new regions. Their job is to contact region commanders and promote the guilds democratic ideals.

12. Liaison: Voted to the seat once a month, or appointed by the Officer should no one campaign. Responsible for recruiting and welcoming new members to the realm and the guild with an invitation to join the Congress.

13. Congressman: Democratic nobles who hold a seat in the Congress.


110. Page: A Noble training to become a Congressman.

111. Recruit: A Noble who displays interest in Democracy.

Procedures of the Congress

Still in development.

Process for Motion Initiation and Deliberation

Voting Procedures

Tenents of the Congress

As proclaimed by the Hero of Democracy.

Every noble has a voice,

Every noble deserves a station without prejudice,

Every noble has freedom of mobility,

Every noble has the right to defend himself from any slanders or abuse,

Every noble chooses to serve and obey the will of the vote, if they decide otherwise, Democracy can no longer accept their Tyranny.

Festival Days of the Congress

  • August 1st: Foundation of Democracy Day.
  • September 5th: The End of the Civil War with the Confederacy.
  • November 13th: Foundation of the Congress.

Myths of the Congress

Prominence of the Congress

Seats of Prominence


1. Count Armstrong Ironsides; 13 Nov./08 to 29 Jan./09


1. Duke The Revenger AveFenix; 15 Nov./08 to 29 Jan./09


1. Sir Kacher Morlork; 05 Dec./08 to 29 Jan./09

Ordinary Seats


1. Sir Lunarectic Kesbrac; 13 Nov./08 to 29 Jan./09


1. Sir Malus Toldor; 22 Nov./08 to 29 Jan./09