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Unusual Elixer

Known to the An Najafi as gamum, or to others as yuk!, it is a thick heavy liquid which tastes bitter at first. Those in the region who are accustomed to it claim that the drink tastes very sweet and delicious, though, anyone who has tried it for the first time finds it revolting. One sip is enough to satisfy your thirst for a few hours, but there is always so little collected of it that only one sip is all that most are allowed.

It is gathered in a grotto on the coast of An Najaf simply by putting an empty bowl beneath a crack and containing the liquid. Very little is able to ooze out of the crack, however, making the substance precious. The ooze is then drank raw. There have been attempts at preparing it with other ingredients to lessen the harsh first encounter, but these attempts were only made by foreigners, and have not been successful.

Gamum is the specialty of the Summer Festival, as the first sips of it are always shared with the competing athletes before any others.