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This is a historical document detailing LoF and its workings before its defeat in the second great northen war

May the Light show you The Path

This a new theocracy, named after a distant parallel world. Please see The Light of Fontan religion for more information.

Diplomatic Status

Currently we are recovering from our war with Fontan, our diplomatic ties with them, formerly in Peace, now lowered to Neutral. We are also allied with Perdan in the South, and are at peace with most of the realms in the East Continent.

Government System

The government follows a complex system. Knights are all given a vote for General and Banker. However, we often vote on issues that will affect the whole realm, such as peace or war with other realms. We also reward those that are loyal and go beyond the call of duty. Technically we are a theocracy with democratic and meritocratic elements.

The Conclave of the Annointed

The Conclave of the Annointed, known simply as the Conclave, are the ones chosen by the people to guide the realm - the Pontifex, the Paladin Primus, the Haruspex Maximus, and the Fiduciary. They discuss matters that directly affect the realm - and watch over the nobles and knights of the land.

On other realms, their equivalent is known as the Council.

The Members of the Conclave

Former Members of the Conclave

  • Founder Lycastus, House of Darkstorm
  • Tempest, House of Dragon
  • Jerix, House of Bejiar
  • Sparky, House of Pothead
  • Reginald, House of Von Borghoff
  • Hannibal, House of Carthage
  • Asdrubal, House of Cathage
  • Chrysopoeia, House of Sterling
  • Gale, House of ThunderSpear
  • Lightning, House of ThunderSpear

Regions of the Realm

Light of Fountain is made up of three regions: Akesh Temple, Tokat, and Sordidus. Akesh Temple, being the realm's capital, is also the center for the faith, and the location where the original temple that the late Avatar Hannibal found.


We follow the religion Light of Fontan. Therefore our ideals and judgments are based on this.

Hall of Fame

Additions will be made when there are worthy candidates.


Shield of Light(Defunct)

Guardians of Lunarii

Disciples of Solar

Light of Fountain
Lightsmall.jpg LoF CoA.jpg
(Flag) (Coat of Arms)
Image:Light of Fountain.png
Continent / Island East Continent
Capital Akesh Temple
Largest City Akesh Temple
Government System Theocracy

zedd IGhost
Lightning ThunderSpear
Reginald II Von Borghoff
Vlad Nosferatus

Region Numbers 3 (9th)
Population 11170 (8th)
Players 30 (9th)
Last Statistics Update 2007.7.08