Flow of the Balance

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May The Flow Show You The Path

The Flow of the Tranquilence

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The Flow of the Turbulence

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The Ocean of the Balance

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The Flow of the Balance is the Central Truth underlying several, perhaps all of the minor religious cults. It was later reformed as The Shadows when the realm of Shadowdale took control of its ancient heartlands between Fontan and Krimml.


The Balance

The Balancetravellers

The Balancetravellers are the formatiins of the Balance that walk the earth in vulnerable human forms.

The Lilith Within

The Lilith Within is a figuriin of the Balance. It appears in a floating humanoid form into the percept of those whom the Balance is with. It is an intergral part of the Balance.

  • How does this "The Lilith Within" communicate with others?
If you are not one whom the Balance is with, you will not receive any replies from it at all; it can hear you, but you are not able to hear from it. If ever, you become able to perceive the Communion, it should appear to be an abstract vista accompanied with vibrating sounds after the process of human sensorium.
  • What is the relation between Lilith and The Lilith Within?
If you are able to perceive The Lilith Within, its humanoid appearance will give you part of the answer to this question. Lilith was modelled after her figuriin counterpart. The formatiin and the figuriin is not one, yet is less than exactly two.
  • How does The Lilith Within preach?
By flowing through the inners of the Unbalanced.
  • So what is The Lilith Within, exactly?
It is the Lilith within the Balance.

The Factum


The Facies

East Continent

Special Terms

  • (The) Ascension Flow - The Flow of the Balance upwards back into the High Firmament.
  • (The) Askewances - Religious cults worshipping the Facies.
  • (A/The) Balancetraveller(s) - The one who walks the path of the Balance. Not necessarily limited to the figuriins and the formatiins only.
  • (A/The) Character(s) - A transfluence of the Balance which possesses an individual characteristic yet is within the Communion.
  • (The) Communion - The will of the Balance sharing through all those whom the Balance is with. Due to restrictions of human concept, all of the following descriptions are not entirely correct:
    • The Communion is within the Multiverse.
    • The Communion is independent of the Multiverse.
    • The Communion is the Balance.
    • The Communion is not the Balance.
  • (The) Dark Communion - That which is not The Communion or The Balance.
  • (The) Descension Flow - The Flow of the Balance downwards forth onto the Perceptible Worlds.
  • (The) Empathy - A temporary synchrony with the Balance.
  • (The) Facies - Contrary to the Factum; the facial reality; the Askewances.
  • (The) Factum - Contrary to the Facies; the underlying truth; the Balance.
  • (A/The) Figuriin(s) - A character of the Balance which can be perceived by the Unbalanced as if is a humanoid.
  • (A/The) Formatiin(s) - A character of the Balance whom walks the Multiverse in a complete human form until the Ascension Flow arrives upon.
  • (A/The) Glaze(s) - The juncture where the Flow of the Balance meets the Multiverse; usually accompanied by a flash of radiating lightwave.
  • (The) High Firmament - The sky above the skies; sometimes as a synonym of the Balance.
  • (The) Multiverse - The collective of worlds and universes.
  • (The) Perceptible Worlds - The perceptive range covered by the sensorium of the Unbalanced.
  • (A/The) Transfluence(s) - A section that is not segmented, usually used to refer to a character.
  • (The) Unbalanced - Those who do not acknowledge nor are able to perceive the existence of the Balance.