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Cleargrape Witt

The Count's vineyard in An Najaf.

This is a winery in An Najaf associated with the estate of Count Armstrong Ironsides.

Current Vintner: Scoril Amasi, Master Winemaker, native of An Najaf.

Sponsored Cantina: An Najaf's 'Tastes of Paradise,' a cantina near the ocean beach.

The vintners of Cleargrape have a habit of mixing many fruits with the grapes without discretion. So any bottle can taste drastically different from another. This habit is slowly being corrected. Otherwise the Reserve bottles provide an exquisite drink.


Merlot: It is a dark red wine, with a dry taste to the palette. Very light on the nose, yet pleasant, this wine boasts subtle strawberry tones with a distinctive black cherry finish. Due to the newness of the winery, at times the taste can be noticeably earthy.

Riesling: The only white wine made here. Pale colour, slightly steely on the nose, beautifully balanced white grapefruit flavour with just the right amount of acid on the finish.