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Location of Yssaria
Continent / Island East Continent
Capital Hamadan
Largest City Isadril
Government System

High Marshal
Arch Priest
Royal Treasurer


Is Est

Region Numbers 0
Population 142353 (6th)


Yssaria was a group of regions that grew tired of neglect from its neighbors. A peasant named Ardor took charge and united it into a powerful realm. While it used to be weak, it has grown to considerable power, finally overcoming its adversary of Caligus. It is a proud member of the Triple Federation.

Yssaria now is no more. They were destroyed by Caligus and some of their nobles have taken refuge within Fontan's borders. The final nail in the coffin was hammered when Yssaria's capital and last region of Hamadan was taken. The walls of Hamadan had not been taken since the days of Fallangard, a realm which occupied the cities of Isadril and Hamadan and surrounding regions many years ago.

Recent Events

They have led two unsuccesful attacks on Domus, the second with Itorunt's assistance. Abishur, their general, was recently killed by a lightning bolt. Yssaria is grieving his loss.


Yssaria consists of two duchies spanning 10 regions. The duchies and the dukes are the capital of Hamadan, Rodon, and the city of Isadril, Rackir.




History of the Monarchy of Yssaria. Currently, we only have the history taken from the Old Library. Perhaps someone we will write an updated history?

King I Am Solo's Recollections

Yssaria is a young realm made up of Hamadan, Isadril, and Mashad. It was created by the peasant Ardor, who united the people of Isadril, Hamadan, and Mashad(all of them rogue regions at the time), and encouraged them to create their own nation. The peasants chose him to be their king. Immediately nobles from all over the East Continent, and even from other islands, started to flock to Yssaria, hoping to be able to contribute to the small realm. Ardor accepted all, no matter nationality, or religion. Ardor loved the people of Yssaria. When he wrote a realm description of Yssaria he wrote:

Yssaria is rising from the ashes of the eastern cities destroyed in neverending wars. This young realm was formed by peasants who were tired of the repeated destruction of their homelands. They desired peace above all else.

Soon after its creation, war was declared upon Yssaria by Ubent, who wanted to help Caligus regain control of Hamadan and Mashad, and give them Isadril. Yssaria asked for help, and help came. Fontan allied with Yssaria, as well as Itorunt. Ubent was forced to reconsider. During this time, Ardor was wounded by an assassin, and Ramirez took his place for several days. Ramirez was able to convince Ubent to stop their attacks against Yssaria. Ardor soon recovered, and took his place as king again. Things were running smoothly in Yssaria. The attacks by Ubent had stopped, and food was coming in from other realms to help feed the people of Isadril and Hamadan. Ardor decided that it was time to take a small vacation and therefore stepped down.
Ramirez took his place. Ramirez then headed to Isadril, and proceded to give the city to Caligus. Massive protests forced him out of his position as king, and I was elected. Ramirez, still general, stepped down as High Marshall, and declared loyalty to Caligus. He then left Yssaria, and joined Caligus. Isadril was demanded back from Caligus, but Caligus would not hand it over. Ardor came back from his vacation, and decided that what he wished to accomplish as king was done. As king, I demanded at least payment for Isadril. None came. I then declared war on Caligus, because they would not pay us for what is rightfully ours. A while afterwards, Caligus gave Isadril to Ubent, then attacked Mashad. Ubent tried to force the Isadrilians to submit to their control, but instead, they revolted, and joined us again. For now, I have no more to say, because I have come to the present moment in the history of Yssaria. ~ King I am Solo