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The Solo Family

The Solos are fierce warriors. The most important thing to them , next to family, is to do all they can to help their realm. The Solos originally came from Montigo. They were nobles there for many years. There are rumors that they existed back for over a millennium. Now the Solos reside in Xavax. The Solos have a family wealth of 2400 gold, and a fame of 29.

Han Solo

Han Solo was the oldest of his generation of the Solos. He started out fighting for Coimbra, but was convinced by his brother, I am, to leave and head to Caligus, where he spent most of his career. He later fought for Ubent.

Han is an atheist. The only thing he believed in, besides fighting for the Southern Alliance, was in staying alive.

Han decided to become an infiltrator once. During that time he got banned from many realms. In order to make sure he stayed alive, he became a bureaucrat.

Han's favorite weapon is his crossbow; he is an excellent shot with it. When the enemy gets too close for him to shoot him, he pulls out his broad sword.

At the end of his career, Han participated in a rebellion in Ubent. After seeing the rebellion would fail, he stood down, refusing to waste life, and waited for the rebellion to end. He started to leave Ubent after being banned by Glen. He was later captured and executed by Glen, even though Han said that he was acting in the best interests of Ubent. It is claimed that Han's death caused his brother to go insane.

Han had a son, by the name of Xahtorb. He named him for his best friend, Brothax. There were some rumors that Xahtorb says that his father is actually alive. These were confirmed by Han's brother Always and Han's nephew Thracken.

I am Solo

I am was a loyal hero and the King of Yssaria. He moved the Solo Mansion to Xavax in the middle of his career. I am started his career by trying to spy for Coimbra in Ubent. He later decided to fight for the Southern Alliance after being convinced by Quill, may he rest in peace. I am was a believer in the Dark Doctrine.

I am's favorite weapon is his long sword, which he affectionately calls Death. Whenever the enemy is too afraid to come near to him he pulls out his bow, called Thracken after his great-grandfather, and shoots them down. He is a fair shot with it.

I am fought for Caligus towards the end of his career. He volunteered for a stealth mission to attempt to gain control of Yssaria. He succeeded in the first step of his mission when he became King of Yssaria, but, after hearing of his brother, Han's, death, he promised revenge on Ubent, severing all ties with the Souther Alliance. He died in a battle against Ubent in Isadril, though there have been rumors heard that he survived, or came back to life. The rumors of his survival have been confirmed by his brother Always, son Thracken, and nephew Xahtorb, who met him in Xavax during a family gathering.

Always Solo

Always Solo was the youngest of the first generation of Solos. He ran away from home, because his father refused to allow him to fight at the young age of 16. He decided to head to the Colonies. There he prospered. He held every position in the Alowcan government for at least one month during his long stay in Alowca.

Always is a firm believer in the Trinity. His favorite of the three deities is the goddess, Denariel. Always received many visions from the Trinity. Some were accepted by the Alowcan people, while others were rejected. However, in the end, he was evicted from Alowca and forced to live in exile. He was later captured on a return trip to Alowca, and executed immediately upon arrival in the dugeons.

Always's favorite weapon was his mace. However, he was known to use a long bow from time to time as well.

Xahtorb Solo

Xahtorb Solo is the son of Han Solo. He was named for Han's friend Brothax. Xahtorb was a rash young man, who wanted to avenge his father's death. He hated Ubent and believed nothing would keep him from destroying it. He changed his mind however, and decided to join Ubent to see what his father and uncle liked about it. When he didn't like it in Ubent, he emigrated to the Far East where he was Taith Aenil's Haruspex Maximus. After his time in Taith Aenil, Xahtorb became a priest for the Trinity in Soliferum. He soon left to rejoin his friend, Igna (a 7 foot berserker whom he met in Taith Aenil), in Oritolon.

Xahtorb was an atheist, like his father, Han, but his Uncle and cousin convinced him to believe in the Trinity. A diminutive man, only five feet and six inches tall, Xahtorb is cavalryman. He uses a lance to charge the enemy, then he pulls out a broad sword to use in close combat. Xahtorb has been known to have Igna throw him in a melee with great success.

Thracken Solo

Thracken Solo, son of I am Solo, was named for his great-great-grandfather. He fought for Ubent during the highlight of his career. He did not feel bitterness towards Ubent, like Xahtorb, because his father was killed in battle, not executed. In fact, he emigrated to the East Continent just to fight for them. Thracken died in battle fighting for Ubent. He was surrounded by enemy spear men, and, with no avenue for escape, impaled himself on their spears. There is evidence, though, that he might not have died as suspected, and might be an invalid living in his family home in Xavax.

He used his father's weapons, Death and Thracken.

Caliber Solo

Caliber was a man who was disinherited by the Solos. No one knows his exact relation to them before his disinheritance.

Caliber had a very short career in Drachenwald. When he was in Drachenwald he decided to start a rebellion, even though any sane person would see that it had no chance of success. Just like expected, the rebellion was beat down, and Caliber was wounded. However, a miracle occurred; an "enemy" force attacked the capital of Drachenwald, completely unnoticed and unexpected because of the rebellion. The ruler of Drachenwald was seriously wounded in the battle, and Caliber ascended to the throne. This was very short lived, however, because a subsequent rebellion kicked Caliber off the throne before he could recover from his wounds.

He went to the Cagilan Empire where he again rebelled against all odds. This time, however, there was no enemy force to help him, and Caliber's rebellion failed. He proceeded to fade out from the public eye. There are rumors that he still lives somewhere in the Cagilan Empire, but these are impossible to confirm. It is far more likely that he died by some unforeseeable "accident" arranged by the Solos to avoid further embarrassment. . .

Slorrvak Solo

Even though Always was the youngest Solo when he left his home, Slorrvak was born inside the year he left. The last child at home for the Solos, Slorrvak was trained to fight, because his parents were certain that he would want to enter the brewing storm on the East Continent. Sure enough, when Slorrvak was in his 20s, he decided to go and fight.

Slorrvak has led the career of a wanderer. Never one to spend more than a few years in one location, Slorrvak never really settled down long enough to gain a solid position in a realm, though he did gain a position based on family influence in Kingdom of Alluran. However, he was seen as a traitor when he looted an enemy region (breaking a non-looting pact) to get food for his starving people. He wandered around until he found a home in Talerium. Still, Slorrvak couldn't settle down, and he emigrated to the Far East and joined Greater Aenilia.