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The Far East Island has sunk beneath the waves of the ocean,
and disappeared from the lands of BattleMaster.
It exists now only in the memories of those who fought on its shores.
A map of its last known political situation does exist.

So, my boy, you want to renew your life in the Far East? A good choice, lad, for it is an island rich in history and welcoming for newcomers. If you have zest for activity and energy for interaction with the others of your chosen realm, no desire will be found wanting. If, however, you are not prepared to play your role with everyone else, the powers that be on this island have ways of seeing your mind changed.

If you feel you have the stuff, you will have many happy times on this far-away isle.

OOC Note: This island used to be testing island (as is Beluaterra and Dwilight), but not anymore.


In the beginning, there were two great empires whose territory straddled the entire island: the Svunnetland Empire and Arcaea. However, great empires such as this are destined to be not long-lived in this world, and time saw these mighty realms fall and be torn apart from the inside. One by one, powerful dukes and warlords would secede and form their own realms, until the original realms were but a shadow of their former glory.

Rules of the Far East

The Far East is a land where things make sense. One should never see that their realm is allied with realm x because they always have been. Or at war with realm y because they are the enemy. Friendships fail and fall apart as do hatreds. The Far East is for those that have real characters that do things for the character's reasons, not the player's desire to beat BattleMaster.

As with all islands, no non-human races are allowed in the Far East, unless referring to a monster invasion of a region.



Active Religions Lost Religions


Guild open to any and all traders
A guild dedicated to the eradication of rebellion, anarchy and chaos. No cost is too great in the eradication of these threats.
A guild devoted to protecting Lasanar and the memory of Daran Hawk.
Brotherhood of warriors working to preserve honour and valour in times of bloody warfare.
Military communication guild of Arcaea.
Guardians of the Magna Aenilia Ecclesia and Warriors of the Faith
A school of thought and philosophy devoted to standardizing the diplomatic process between realms as well as promoting and sharing advances in the four Arts (Combat, Trading, Bureaucracy, and Preaching) with members.
Promoting, protecting and educating others of the blood rights of nobles.
Dedicated to diplomacy and communication across the Far East.

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