The Knights of Aenilia

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"Guardians of the Faith"

For the honour of the Church and the Protection of her Prophets. We are the Knights of the True Mark.

Knights of Aenilia Ranks

Council Members

Knight Commander

Leader of the Order.

Knight Marshal

Deputy Leader of the Order.

Knight Inquisitor

Oversees the steps to becoming a Knight and inner workings of the Order.

Knight Spiritual

A special rank, reserved only for the leader of the Magna Aenilia Ecclesia, the Church which we are sworn to protect.


Knight Guardian

Knights of the highest rank, overseers of the Order and direct vassals of the Knight Inquisitor.


Knights, who form the mainstream rank of the Order.

Knight Errant

Recently promoted Aspirant Knights.



Knights in training, must know our rules, lore, diplomatic stances before they can be promoted. Must be in the Order for at least 2 weeks.


Recent aspirants, prospective Knights who join the Order. Must be in the Order for at least 1 week before they can be promoted.

Knights of Aenilia History

Knights of Aenilia

More to come! Mainly when we finally get a guild house! :)

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Knights of Aenilia
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Continent / Island Far East Island
  • Knight Commander
  • Knight Marshal
  • Knight Inquisitor
  • Knight Spiritual

Luyten Dell
Tharion Frostnova
Kazuma Shenron
Orphaea Vincent

Guild Halls 1
Membership 1