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Shenron Family

Shenron Emblem Icon.pngShenron ClanShenron Emblem Icon.png

For a long time the Shenron family stayed with their parents and stayed at their homes. Staying at home grew tiresome for the three youngest of the Shenron family Katsuyori, Nobukage and Mitsuhide. These three decided to set out to the open world and start a new beginning and new honour for the Shenron family. Bring back gold and honour were top priorities and the young men were determined as ever. The Shenron family was once a Clan and used to have a Clan leader until Kazuma disbanded the Clan and made into a normal noble house where the nobles were free to do as they wished.

At the moment the last nobles left of the huge Shenron Clan are Maru, Kaennji and Shin. They are all offspring of Kazuma and Dawn Strife, who was an infiltraitor and Lord of Erahol in Greater Aenilia.

Shenron Emblem Icon.pngThe Family ItselfShenron Emblem Icon.png

These are all the family members. Kazuma however had disbanded the Clan however it has become simple Shenron culture to name themselves of the Shenron Clan.

Past Members of the Shenron Family

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Current Members of the Shenron Family

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Shenron Emblem Icon.pngOld family TraditionsShenron Emblem Icon.png

The Shenron family was once a Clan before Kazuma disbanded the clan. When it was a Clan, these rules were enforced. Some hardcore Clan member still choose to follow these rules.

The biggest tradition in the Shenron Clan is that the warrior must forge his own weapon and may not have help after he must bestow it a name. He can choose any weapon he pleases as long as he makes it. Usually a Shenron Clan member would spend years mastering the skill of forgery because after the weapon is forged he is bound to it forever and that would remain the warriors official weapon for the rest of his life.

Another Tradition is that a Shenron Clan member must always believe he is fighting for good. If he takes clear actions for greed or makes another of the same realm suffer for evil purposes he will be quickly outcast.

The Last main Tradition is that a Shenron may never under any circumstances conspire with the enemy. He may become the enemy but conspiring with the enemy is too much of an extreme dishonour to the Shenron Code......

Minor Traditions or Rules:

  • If a Shenron makes an Oath to something he must fulfill it.
  • If a Shenron backstabs a friend accidentally (purposely he would be instantly banned from the Clan). he must do all he can to mend what he has done.
  • If a Shenron ever enters into marriage, he may never divorce.

Shenron Additional Information

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