Vincent Family

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For the first generation of the Vincent Family, see Vincent Family/First Generation

The history of the Vincent family is long and tedious, followed by brief periods of something slightly interesting, followed again by periods of long tedium. Nevertheless, we chronicle their story here.

The Vincent family has for ages been a family of minor nobility, with none of its members doing anything of note. As the years pass, it sees its generations scatter in the winds, to distant isles and unexplored lands, to make their fortune or simply live out their lives. Some come home, some stay where they fell.

The current scions of the Vincent family descend from three branches of the family, their grandparents in common. There exist of age and making their way in the world today three sets of siblings, scattered across lands and making their fortunes or simply living out their lives as they will.

Orphaea Vincent

Aurelia Vincent

Simeon Vincent


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