The Seven

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This will be the page for the secret society, The Seven.

This page will outline the current members, their weapons and aspiring members to this elite group.

It shall be led by seven men, each with a task.

The First, Tokeru Hashimashidas founder of the seven. Wielder of the bastard sword, Heartrender.

The Second, Lynx Tribal. Wielder of the Greataxe, Kari.

The Third, Halcyon Jazuma. Wielder of the golden longsword, Tannhausser.

The Fourth, Namenir Erendegard. Wielder of the dagger-that-turns-into-a-spear (better name soon)

The Fifth, Vidad Filador. Wielder of Aetgaederum, the sword of poison.

The Sixth, Driazt Burson. Wielder of Chatelain de la Guerre (aka Lord of War).

The Seventh, Vulpes de Zorro. Wielder of the Hammer of Justice.

With the disappearance of Lynx Tribal and the lack of organisation from the others of The Seven, the society quickly fell into disuse. There is still a few guildhouses hidden across Lasanar however they rarely see any use.

Since the decline of the society, the swords have passed into other hands.

The Third Blade, Tannhausser, was passed to Halcyon Jazuma's son, Hendrick Madigan