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The bountiful New World enticed many to make the perilous journey across the Western Ocean from the strife of East Continent. Alas those early colonists had not discovered virgin lands, but an eldritch wilderness home to other creatures.

Terrible creatures. Inhuman creatures. Creatures who do not suffer the tread of humans. Creatures who will rise up in great hosts intent on destroying the stain of humanity on the land.

Thus when the straggling survivors returned to the east with tales of hideous abominations, the New World came to be known by a different name Beluaterra - Monster World.

Despite it all, the untamed wilderness calls to the brave and the bold for here any can make their fortune. A continent of flux and opportunity, the ever shifting map can be painted with your ambition. Maybe you will found the kingdom that stands the test of time, or be the champion rallying your fellows against the inhuman hordes. Or will you take a darker path, delving into forbidden lore and making deals with daimonic forces.

Choose, and write your own destiny.
OOC Note: This is a testing continent, so expect to see bugs as new features are tested and improved.


In most lands the seasons turn from the warmth of summer to the bite of winter. Beluaterra too has seasons; the warmth of peace and the bite of Invasion. None can say exactly when the next invasion will come, or what shape it will take, but all know that it will come.

During an invasion the monsters, undead & daimons will rise in great number threatening to overwhelm the human lands. Many realms will fall under the tide of teeth and claw, refugees scattering across the world. But each time the people of Beluaterra have risen to the challenge and struck back at the darkness. But these victories were costly and the land still bears the scars of the past.

Some invasions have been a matter of enduring whatever phase of the moon has instilled such vigor in the creatures. Others have more personal origin as monsters, undead & daimons used the ravaged continent as a battle ground for their own feuds. Great portals have been closed, other worlds explored, mysteries unraveled through dreams and dark deals struck. The next invasion could be even stranger still.

Even outside of the invasions a new arrival should expect to do battle frequently as their patrols will take them through dangerous territories. It is not all violence though, as many of the greatest works have come from these lands under siege.

Either way prepare yourself for you will be needed.


Yao Ling of Daishi has directed the Temples of Daishi to maintain one of the largest collections of historical knowledge in the world, including a history of the Ages and Invasions of Beluaterra.

  • The First Age The time between the colonization of the New World in 2000 and the beginning of the First Invasion around Fall of 2004.
  • The Second Age The time between the first and second invasions in 2005.
  • The Third Age Between the second invasion ending in winter 2005 and the ascension of Prudent to the head of the daimonic Netherworld hordes at June 2007.
    • The Third Invasion - The First Daimon War: between June 2007 and early 2008
  • The Fourth Age The time between the Third and the Fourth Invasion - from mid 2008 until May 2010.
    • Fourth Invasion - The 3 Warring Factions: having taken place between May 2010 and January 2011.
  • The Fifth Age The time between the end of the Fourth Invasion at January 2011 until December 2011.
    • Fifth Invasion - From Overlord's Attack on December 2011 until Overlord's defeat on July 2012
  • The Sixth Age The time between the end of the Fifth Invasion at July 2012 until the end of 2015.
    • Sixth Invasion The Daimon Invasion starting in December 2015 and ending in October 2017.
  • The Seventh Age The era starting in October 2017 and going until the current day.
  • Chronicles of the Age of the Old Gods. The collections of their knowledge are replicated in the Daishi Temples to be certain that they are not lost to the ages.

Terriad - The History of Beluaterra
2000-2002 Age of Mystery
2003 Age of Discovery
1st Invasion
2004 Age of Blood
2nd Invasion
2005-2007 Age of Reason
3rd Invasion
2008-2010 Age of Betrayal
4th Invasion
2011 Age of Blight
5th Invasion
2012-2016 Age of Ruin
6th Invasion
2017-20?? Age of Shadow

The lengthy history of Beluaterra has been tackled by few scholars over the years, but none were more prolific than the twin nations of Melhed and Riombara. Their archives, and the dedicated scholarship of Aldo Unti, became the foundation of his historic work - the Terriad.

Timeline - click to enlarge


Maps of Beluaterra
Pre-Blight Post-Blight
Beluaterra Time-Lapse from 2005 to 2011 Beluaterra Time-Lapse from 2012 to 2018

Beluaterra Time-Lapse from 2003 to 2021

Geography of Beluaterra
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Bay of Souls
Golden River
Fell Crossing
Emerald Plains
Roof of the World
Tahga Desert
Zettermain Peninsula
Lake Salamn
Twin Isles
Sea of Four Cities


2020-2021 Timelapse - click to animate
Realms of Beluaterra
Name & Flag Description
AA-banner t.png
Ar Agyr, the Land of the Five Duchies. Home to fearless warriors.

We are not the biggest or strongest, but we are the meanest! We kill demons, undead, monsters, and anyone who sides with them. We hate peace, it makes people lazy and fat. War keeps our men in shape and our blades sharp. Join us!

Kingdom of Ar Agyr
Irondale is poised the lead the way in the search for a way of ending the Invasions by the Nether and Otherworlds, once and for all.

The Republic maintains neutrality in matters of Man, except those that relate to monsters, undeads, or daimons of any kind. As a neutral observer, Irondale offers mediation services to all realms of the island, when requested..

Republic of Irondale
At the heart of Beluaterra lies Nothoi, the beacon of enlightenment and justice for all of Beluaterra. Fierce and noble, the people of Nothoi have always found collective strength in each other, embracing democratic principles for generations. The White Wolf, native to the slopes of the central mountains, is the symbol of Nothoi, for wolves travel and hunt together in packs, just as we ourselves band together. But beware, do not trifle with the White Wolf, for its fangs are sharp.
Democracy of Nothoi
Reven smaller banner.png
From Melancholy history of blood Reven seeks a era of change.

We are born of blood tainted with sin. Repenent and guidance to a brighter way. A bonded society of dedicated mix cultures seek restoring their once proud empire to it's former glory. Not of Evil but, of Righteousness for humanity. The 7 sins of Humanity are the chains they seek to break for all life to live Righteous.

Theocracy of Reven
Against a long history of adversity, the nobles of the Vales have always valued resilience and togetherness. Facing insurmountable legions of undead directed by the relentless necromancers of the desolate south, the Vales banded together to forge a new homeland in the distant north. Adversity continues but so does the spirit of our band of brothers and sisters.

All are welcome to join our endeavour.

Kingdom of Shattered Vales
Forsaken from day one of the invasion by all with a right mind, Thalmarkin stood against all odds. Fending off tens of thousands of undead we did not waver.

When all others bowed their heads we looked right into the eyes of the dead and saw twisted light fade into eternal darkness. Steel bought our lives, Discipline our victory and Tenacity our everlasting glory.

Now they will pay for our rise.

The Bear has awakened, never to sleep again.

Kingdom of Thalmarkin
The dead of Beluaterra rarely enjoy a rest, but occasionally a Dread Necromancer will arise intent to begin the next invasion on their own terms. In the early days of the Age of Shadows the pilgrimage of Obia'Syela left a power vacuum in the deep south which was soon filled by the Dread Necromancer of Sunken Alluran.
Sunken Kingdom

Past Realms

Past Realms of Beluaterra
Name & Flag Description
Lost Realms Follow this finely crafted link to find the full list of lost realms.
We are the children of the Wolf and the Sun, our past is bloody and fierce, our preset golden and wise. Our history is long and our legacy to the world great. Ours is a land of learning, of duty, and of suffering. Come not here yee who seeks an easy life of glory and conquest, for the burden of civilization, of knowledge, and of power, is tempered by the duty and wisdom to use it well. Know that for those who have the courage to shoulder the burden with us, you will find the truest of brothers and sisters, who will be with you until the end of days.

This is Melhed, and we are not afraid.

Republic of Melhed
Created from the merger of two original realms of Beluaterra The Rines Republic and Irombro due to the efforts of Eno Chia to block their expansion. Based out of the Twin Isles, Riombarain held ideals of transparent government and democracy.
Republic of Riombara


Religions of Beluaterra
Name & Icon Description
Lost Religions Follow this finely crafted link to find the full list of lost Religions.
Giant armored gods over thirty feet tall are walking across a battlefield while the tiny humans are fighting Undead and Monsters while scurrying about their feet. These armored gods throw metal javelins and darts the size of small trees that explode on impact. Casual waves of appendages bring forth shafts of lightning that melt and destroy targets along with everything around it. There are small swift gods with supreme skill and accuracy aiming for weak spots trying for critical strikes. There are gods who can fly through the air on pillars of flame that direct the others and control the flow of the battle. The last group of gods are large and ponderous destroying all in their way employing no subtlety or finesse.
The Heralds are driven by one goal: Directing the mystical energy of prayer, faith, and magic to Obeah, granting her the strength to enter the material plane. Whereupon she would use her full power to end the threat of additional Daimonic Invasions. By expanding their faith and increasing the number of worshipers, the Heralds believe that will direct more and more power for Obeah to gather.
Heralds of Obeah
The Old Gods of Beluaterra are the true masters of the land, holding absolute dominion over every rock, tree and beast. Called by many names these beings are the final arbiters of Humanity's fate upon this continent for it is by their whim that peace reins, or blood flows.

There is still hope for the Old Gods test their Children against the encroaching humans, testing each to see who is the greater. Thus the Followers of the Old Gods know that Humanity can earn the love of the Old Gods. For Humanity is the greater race that will vanquish the Children and claim dominion absolute over all of Beluaterra. The goal of the faith is to triumph over adversity through the strength of the human spirit.

The Old Gods


Guilds of Beluaterra
Name & Icon Description
Lost Guilds Follow this finely crafted link to find the full list of lost Guilds.
The fabled Agyrian Academy remains the premier institute for the learned. The great libraries contain volumes uncounted, in languages both familiar and strange. Artifacts from bygone ages rest next to the cutting edge of design. Within these walls a man could discover anything, for even the Age of Ruin was recorded with care.

For those with questions, be they noble or commoner, they will find answers within.

Agyrian Academy

Unique Items