South-West Island

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South-West Island. more maps...
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The South-West Island has sunk beneath the waves of the ocean,
and disappeared from the lands of BattleMaster.
It exists now only in the memories of those who fought on its shores. A map of its last known political situation does exist.

As with the South-East Island, blood and battle is found here too in abundance, for time out of mind the same conflict has raged, sometimes going the same way as it's eastern counterpart, sometimes taking totally bizarre twists. But not all families will be prepared to allow yet another of their descendant onto this wartorn island, and a sacrfice must willingly be made for those families to enter the conflict.

4 realms fight it out, with varying levels of brutality, but only one realm can remain victorious over the rest when it dominates the island. And so, after the realms drop one by one, it remains to be seen who will prevail... and how.


The South West Island is commonly referred to as the "donators only island" in that characters can only be created there or immigrate to the island if the player has donated at least €10 or it's equivalent to the game. However, characters have been known to be deported there from elsewhere, and some players choose to let their characters remain on the island without continuing to donate.


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